Virginia Beach Part 2

This was my first time playing in the ocean and it was AWESOME!  I made up a new game.  It’s called run away from the waves before they crash onto me.

The only downside to playing on the beach is the leash law…dogs must be leashed at all times.  I’m not a rule breaker so I made sure my leash was attached to mommy.  Several times, I ran so fast, I almost pulled out her arm socket. 😉

Apparently, people were watching us play on the beach (so it’s a good thing I followed the law).  When we got back to the boardwalk and washed off the sand, we were approached by people who thought I was too cute playing in the water.  They started laughing at me because I was petrified of the shower to rinse off the salt and sand.  I acted like I was deathly afraid of water.  I further got bamboozled when we went back into our hotel and aunt Kwyn gave me a bath.  I got my revenge though.  While mommy wasn’t paying attention, wet dog Luke hopped onto the bed for an afternoon siesta.  Haha. 😀

I hope everyone enjoyed my beach pics from last week’s adventures.  This weekend I’m going to a fruit farm to pick apples and maybe a pumpkin.  I’ll make sure tons of pictures are taken of me and I will share them in a future blog.

Have a great weekend.  Until next time!


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