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I call shotgun!

Actually, I like to be in the driver’s seat.  Mommy can’t drive because of her leg so I’m her chauffeur.  I’m getting pretty good at it! 😉 ~ Luke

License and registration?  No problem!  I've got my rabies license and county license.

License and registration? No problem! I’ve got my rabies license and county license.

11.16.12 009

Highway hypnosis makes me sleeeeppppyyyy.

I’m a leg warmer

My mommy had ACL surgery on her right knee last week.  It was tough having her home every day and not being able to play with her.  I might have jumped on her leg every now and then but overall, I was a good boy.  I tried to snuggle up with her every chance I got.  I even made myself useful by keeping her blanket and leg warm.

Everybody’s schedule was altered with mommy’s surgery and Thanksgiving holiday so I haven’t had a chance to write my blog as often as I’d like.  Hopefully things will return back to normal soon.  Until next time! ~ Luke

I’m keeping the blankie and sofa warm for mommy.

November 22, 2012
We’re chillin’ on Thanksgiving morning before heading out to meet with family.

November 25, 2012
Mommy’s leg was feeling better by the weekend so I was able to snuggle on it.

My first visit to the lake

What is this?!  Are your eyes deceiving you?!  Could it be?!  Egad!  It’s Lukie Lukie Loo playing in water!

Guess where I went?  To the lake!!!!  I LOVED it so much I didn’t want to leave.

The water was cold but I had so much fun jumping in, fetching a stick, jumping out, shaking off water, doing a victory dance with the prize in my mouth, chewing the stick for a bit, then starting all over again.  I can’t wait to go back!  ~ Luke

Is that a stick in the water?!?!?!?!

I’m getting closer!


Yoiks!  The water is too deep!!

Retreat!  Retreat!  Tell the troops to pull back!


Shake it off!

Okay, much better.

There’s that elusive stick again!  I’m gonna getcha this time!

Slow and easy wins the race.  Gentle.  Gentle.

I’ve been schooled


To date, my friends Nanuk and Lita have been great teachers.  I learned a lot of proper doggie etiquette from them.  There are certain things about doggie behavior that are easier learned through interacting with other dogs than with humans.  For instance, I sort of invade personal space and play too rough.  I like to get into everyone’s faces.  Due to my excitement, sometimes I accidentally scratch a face/neck with my nails or teeth…or headbutt someone and bust their lips. 😦

I’m definitely more mature now compared to when I was a wee lad.  I know that I need to tone it down when I’m being ignored by people because I’m too hyper or when I’m playing too rough.  I’m beginning to understand “gentle” as well.  I’ll be much better when I go to obedience school.

Until then, I’m being schooled by Nanuk and Lita.  My first doggie lesson in invading personal space was quite harsh.  A couple months ago, I learned really quickly not to get too close to Nanuk’s sharp teeth when he’s eating a treat.  I ended up with a little scratch on my face when he told me that I was violating his personal space.  I learned to NEVER do that again!

I’m afraid of his teeth but we’re friends and we play every time I come over to MOG’s.  Nanuk doesn’t like to rough house with me but we always have fun.  I admit that he picked up some hijinks-like behavior from me and has started chasing the cats around.  Oopsie!

Here we are playing tug-o-war over the weekend.  The pictures are a little blurry because I underestimated Nanuk’s strength and got pulled along.

Geez Nanuk!  For a little guy, you sure are strong!

Maybe if I stick my butt up in the air, it will distract Nanuk and I can pull him towards me.

As for Lita, she has corrected me MANY times when I get all up in her grill.  She actually has a lot of patience and shows great restraint when I’m rambunctious.  When I over step my boundaries, Lita growls and snips at me.  She corrects me with a bite to the neck.  It’s enough of a warning to let me know to stop, but she’s really gentle in reprimanding me.  She has never hurt me before.  I call her my gentle giant. 😀

Here we are playing in her backyard over the weekend.  It’s nice to be able to play rough with a big dog who is gentle.  For the first time ever, a game of chase the momma was captured on film.  Enjoy!  ~ Luke

Sing with us…99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. You take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall.

It’s time to play chase the momma!!

For an old lady, you sure are fast!

You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog

In most of my pictures I look like a black lab.  In others I look like a black beagle.  I’ve also been told that on certain angles, I look like a dachshund.

In this picture,  I look like a grumpy old hound dog with no teeth…

Listen here sonny boy.  When I was your age we had to manually roll down the car window, not push a button.

But in this picture, I look like a black bear cub…

Watch me climb this tree.  Roar!

And then here I am looking like a hound dog with no teeth again…

Where are my dentures?!

So I guess I ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, hoooowwwwllliiiinnngggg all the time. ~ Luke

IQ Treat Ball

Look what I received as a present.  It’s called an IQ Treat Ball.  I have to work at getting treats or kibble to fall out of the dispensing hole.

It’s so much fun to play with!  Took me 15 minutes to get all the kibble out.  I was running around the house like a mad man, chasing the ball and using my brain.  When the ball was stuck under a chair or wedged into something, I barked for assistance.  I’m way too smart! 😉

I was exhausted and fell asleep after everything was said and done.  It was a fantastically great work out!  Everyone should get one! 😀 ~ Luke

What’s this?! I see yummy inside this ball.

How do I get yummy out of the ball’s tummy and into mine?!

Oh.  I see.  Yummy drops out of the hole if I roll the ball around.

Too easy! I figured it out.

Oooohh yummy!!!  What a challenge!  This game is awesome!!!!!

The reward is delicious!

Put your tail in the air

…wag it around like you just don’t care.  Wag to the people as they stop to look and stare (sing it to the tune of ‘Word Up’ by Cameo).

Come on everybody, wag your tails!  Celebrate with me.  I’m officially 5 months old today! 😀

What’s another awesome way to celebrate, you ask?!  By playing outside!!!!!  The leaves on the ground are so crunchy this week!  I love chewing on them and hearing the crispy crunchy noise.  They’re irresistible!

I always take advantage of the warm sun in the crisp autumn air by playing outside as much as possible.  The sun sets around 5pm so it doesn’t give me a lot of time to play outdoors like summer time.  Therefore, I must maximize my fun time.  This being said, sorry…gotta go!  ~Luke

What do I want to do?  Let me ponder this thought.

Cruunchhh.  Cruunchhh.  Crispity crunchity goodness in my mouth!  Crispy leaves are yummy.  They remind me of kale chips.

Appetizer is done.  Now it’s time for my most favorite entrée.  Sticks!  I love sticks!!!!!

What’s for dessert?  Grass!  Yum-o-licious!!!!

Okay.  Let me think.  Is there anything else I want to chew on?  Oh, what’s that?!

More friends at the farm

Howdy all!

Monday was Veteran’s Day so it was a holiday.  I spent the whole day at MOG’s with mommy and poppa Josh.  It was a beautiful day so I ran around saying hello to all my old friends and met some new ones too.

Hello.  Is anyone home?!

Howdy Mr. and Mrs. Turkey.  Wazzup Mr. Peacock.

Hey there Ms. Hen.  Where are the rest of the ladies?

I saw my first moo moo cow cow.  They were very nice but intimidating because their size.  I was scared of them so I didn’t get too close.  I hid behind mommy for safety.

No mommy!  I’m not getting any closer.  You have to take my picture from here.

I saw goats for the first time too!  They don’t like dogs so they usually stay up on the hill.  It must have been a special day because they came down to say hello and wanted to play with me.  They were closer to my size so I wasn’t afraid of them.  I wanted to play chase with them but mommy and Josh said it wasn’t a good idea.  So we played with the fence between us.

How you doin’?  I like your goatees!  I wonder if I could grow one.

This black goat was especially friendly and we played pseudo-chase behind the fence.

I had tons of fun exploring more nooks and crannies at the farm and meeting new friends.  It’s always an adventure.  Until next time! ~Luke

Do I look like a car salesman?

I spent Sunday visiting a bunch of car dealerships with Aunt Kwyn and her friend Dr. Kim.  Some of the dealerships were closed so we walked around the parking lot kicking tires and looking inside vehicles.  We looked at Ford, Mercedes Benz, Jeep and Land Rover.

Aunt Kwyn’s friend really likes the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited in commando green.  I wonder if she will end up getting it.

Poppa Josh has a Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited in navy blue.  He bought his Jeep earlier this year.  I’ve been in it many times so I’m very familiar with it.  Maybe this is why I was asked to tag along…for my expertise.  I should add car consultant to my resume. 😉

There was a big field of grass by the dealership so I ran around and acted all crazy with Aunt Kwyn while her friend test drove the car.  I was exhausted and STARVING by the time we came home.  I told Uncle Luu (grandpa) all about it and he said he wanted a Wrangler too!  ~Luke

I should be a car model.

Whew! I’m tired from all that running around.  Let me rest a bit and soak in the sun.

This pic was taken earlier this month.  I’m hanging out in the back seat of Josh’s Wrangler.

Backyard fun with Lita

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Since I had so much fun with Lita last Thursday, I came back on Saturday so we could play outside some more.  This time, I brought along my harness so I don’t injure my neck and spine.  I’m a wild beast when I play!

I wish we had a fenced in yard so we could really play without our leashes getting in the way.  We had fun nonetheless.  Enjoy the pictures! ~ Luke

Ready or not, here I come!!!!!!!

Crazy Lukie is gonna getcha!

Argh! You tagged me!

But I already called time out.  So you’re still it. Haha!  Catch me if you can!

Nanny nanny boo boo! You can’t catch me!

You missed me big mamma! Try again!!!

See if you can catch me now!

Ooooohhhhhh #@$&^!!!!!!!

It’s play time!

Boy did I have fun yesterday!  I stopped by cousin Lita’s house and rescued her from boredom.  We played ‘chase the puppy’ until I was pooped out.  Since I’m much bigger now, I’m not intimidated by Lita as I used to be.

As a matter of fact, I was brave!  For the first time ever, I initiated a game of ‘chase the momma’ and Lita obliged.  We had a blast!

Call it street smarts.  Call it survival skills.  Call it instincts.  I know the rules of engagement.  Do not give Lita direct eye contact!  Play coy.  Be hard to get.  She will come around and initiate a game of chase when she headbutts me in the chest and nibbles on my neck.

I like to be on high ground so I sit on the sofa.  It’s easier for me to pet Lita’s head and jump on her since she’s still bigger than me!

We ate Scooby snacks in between play break.  Then we drank a big bowl of water before playing some more.  We even got to play outside!  I had so much fun with Lita.  I can’t wait until I see  her again! ~ Luke

Upon arrival, I initiated the perfunctory greeting…

…and Lita returned the favor.

Water break! All that running around made us thirsty.  That was a good workout!

Lita is trying to initiate another game of chase.  This is my “tempt me harder” look.  I’m a sly fox. 😉

Oh what a Vixen!  I’m trying to play coy but how could I resist that face?!  1…2…3…let’s go!

Wee!  We get to play outside!

Sniff.  Sniff.  Snort.  Snort.  My beagle nose smells something!!! It’s a rascally rabbit!  Startled us silly when it ran away!

Ha! Ha!  I took Lita’s pink squeaky bear while she was drinking water!  Uh oh!  I think she wants it back!!!!!

Let me initiate one more game of chase.  Here kitty, kitty, kitty (I’m stroking Lita’s head).

Lita gives me a love bite nibble nibble on my neck to let me know she’s game for another round.

When it was time to say goodbye to Lita, I immediately fell asleep in the back seat of the car. I was so tired, I couldn’t keep my eyes opened.

LAX…lacrosse not the airport

Let’s talk lax.  My mommy started playing lacrosse when she was in high school.  Then she played lacrosse in college.  So it was natural for her to eventually become Coach Jenny.

You know what?  She’s good!  She was high school coach of the year twice.

She doesn’t have time to be a full time high school girls lacrosse coach anymore but she still coaches league games on the weekends.  I’m her assistant coach.  I get to spend the whole day outside with mommy.  This is why I LOVE the weekends!

Some of my responsibilities include cheering on the girls from the sidelines, being the unofficial mascot for the team, chasing lacrosse balls during practice, moving cones around, and pulling bags and lacrosse sticks to wherever I want them to be.  So I guess you can add equipment manager to my resume as well.

During practice, I usually have a huge fenced in field to explore but I always stay close to mommy.  Other times, I’m on a tie out somewhere close by.  I definitely have to be on a leash during games.  Referees aren’t happy if someone runs onto the field to ruin a game.  One of the parents supervises me as I watch the action and cheer for mommy’s team.

I’m making the drill more challenging. Must move the cone over here.

Everything looks good.  This is a regulation stick.

Mommy! Where are you going? I can help carry bags to the car too. Just don’t leave me alone in this big field all by myself.

I’m chillaxin’ in the crisp autumn air. It’s a good game! Go mommy’s team, go!

Come on team!  You can do it!  Hustle hustle hustle!

Oh no!  The opposing team sent over some leaves to distract me.  Must focus and help mommy coach!

By the time we return home from a long day of lacrosse, I’m pooped out!  All I want to do is sleep.  I don’t even wake up for food!  That’s how exhausted I am.  I know, crazy right?

I closed my eyes and didn’t open them again until it was time to go to sleep for the night.

You can shake me all you want and I still won’t wake up.  Yes, that’s dirt on my nose and under my nails.  Digging?  Me?  Never! 😉

In case you were wondering, I’m not the first lacrosse dog extraordinaire in this household.  Mikey and Tiger (aka my brothers from another mother), were the first to don the gear.  These pictures were taken back in 2004.  I know they’re in heaven laughing at how gullible they were back then.  I can’t believe they did whatever Aunt Kwyn asked of them, just for a Scooby snack.  Check them out!  Until next time. ~ Luke

July 2004
Tiger is on the left. Mikey is on the right. They don’t look too happy wearing girly goggles. But they’re such good sports!

Why so sad? They look like they’re in time out.  I’ll probably look the same way when mommy puts goggles on me too.

I voted. Did you?

Whew!  The elections are over.  It was a nail biter until late last night/early this morning.  I cast my ballot and the winner is…ground chicken!  It’s mixed with Sojos grain free fruit and veggie mix.  Yummy!!  Gotta go eat! ~ Luke

The sticker on my head is proof that I voted 🙂

I’m so nervous, I need to chew on something while we wait for results.

This is ground chicken mixed with potatoes, carrots, broccoli, celery, apples and cranberries.  Delicious!

Election Day

Today is election day in the United States.  I don’t like poly ticks.  They spread Lyme Disease.  Get it?  Politics…poly ticks?  I crack myself up! 🙂

All right you guys, we need to come to a consensus on who to vote for as our President and Vice President. Scooby Doo and Snoopy…or Lassie and Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

All the political ads on television and radio put me to sleep.  I can think of so many ways money spent for those ads could be used for animal and humanitarian causes.  One can dream.

How will I fall asleep now that election ads aren’t on television every 30 seconds?

Seriously speaking, I do think it’s important to vote so everyone stop reading this blog and go vote!  Actually, go stand in line to vote and read this blog on your smartphone while you wait. 😉

Sometimes it’s an easy decision.  Other times it’s a little more difficult.  Here’s my recommendation.  When it’s a hard decision to make, do what I do… chew on a stick.  The answer always comes to me while chewing on a stick.  ~ Luke

I have a goofy looking face when I think. How should I vote for dinner? Ground turkey or ground chicken? Which candidate will make my tummy happiest? 🙂

Fall back


Did you remember to turn your clocks back an hour this weekend?  It’s Daylight Saving Time for most of the United States.  This means I get an extra hour to sleep and it gets dark sooner.  This also means I receive my food an hour later than normal.  I’m a creature of habit and my stomach protests the time change with growling noises!

Since we’re turning back time (sort of), look what I got this weekend.  A new winter coat that looks like a Halloween costume!  It’s really warm so I will be walking around the neighborhood with my new coat.  Haha!  I’m not kidding! 😉

Do you like my new coat? The designer is ‘Veggie Hot Dog’ and it’s the hottest trend in the fashion world.

If I haven’t already drawn enough attention to myself before, this will put me over the top!

Look what else I got…a new harness!  Yeah!!!!!  Now I can run around and play without getting choked by my collar.  This is actually my 2nd new harness.  MOG bought this for me.  She went to a different store to buy it because the one mommy bought still doesn’t fit yet.  This one has a design on it so I’m sporting something fashionable yet again.  I really should be a model!

Hurry and take the picture.  I can’t stand still much longer.  Too many leaves to chase!

I’m gonna get you!  And you!  And you!

Okay! One more pose for the camera before I run like the blur!

Since we’re rewinding things a bit, I want to share something interesting that happened to me on Friday.  For the faint of heart, maybe you should stop reading from this point on.

Consider this fair warning!

On Friday, Aunt Kwyn heard me chewing on something so she reached inside my mouth to check.  All of the sudden, I spit my molar onto the carpet.  It was icky!!!!

My mouth was salivating and there was blood on the carpet.  Aunt Kwyn opened up my mouth to check on where I lost my tooth.  It was my upper left molar.  She almost passed out when she saw blood in my mouth.  Aunt Kwyn had the look of shock on her face so I copied her and looked shocked too (she doesn’t scream like mommy).  I swear, we sat on the floor, still as statues, for what seemed like an eternity.  She monitored me and I was fine after 5 minutes.  Even though her knees were wobbly, we were able to take this picture.  Eeeewwwww!!!!

Have a happy Monday! ~ Luke

Don’t look at this during lunch or you will have a queasy stomach!

Oops I did it again


I’ve been feeling under the weather this week.  All that walking in the cold rain from Hurricane Sandy made me a little sick so I slept a lot this week.  I haven’t been my normal playful self but I’m getting much better!

Mommy weighed me last night and I am 37 pounds.  I’m gaining about 1.5 pounds a week so my growth is definitely slowing down.  I’m 4 1/2 months old now.

Even though my baby face is maturing, I’m still a puppy.  Last week, out of the blue, I decided to perform surgery on my brand new squeaky toy.  It no longer squeaks so I need a new toy.

October 26, 2012
This is the picture of the crime scene.  The perp is hiding under the chair.  Oh, wait a sec, that’s me!

Then I heard mommy tell Aunt Kwyn that she bought me a new bed and wanted to give it to me as a Christmas present.  Ha!  Not!!  I decided to help things along.  I flipped my old bed over and pulled out the stuffing.

I want a new bed now!!!!!

Unfortunately, I missed the part about it being ordered online (it hasn’t arrived yet).  So for now, I still use my cushion-less bed.

This is a funny thing.  I’ve never been punished by being locked up in my cage.  The only time I’m put in there is when nobody is home.  However, the past few times I got into hijinks, I’ve gone in there by myself.  It’s really to cool down because I like the cold plastic bottom.  But it’s a funny coincidence nonetheless!

Do you like my mug shot?

It’s sunny today so I’m heading outside instead of sitting by the computer.  Maybe some Vitamin D from the sunshine will help me feel better.  I’ve got a busy weekend so I need to be in tip top shape!  Have a great weekend!  ~Luke

Luke’s guide to sleeping

When you’re active like me, sleeping doesn’t come easy.  If anything, it occurs out of the blue.  I play, play, play and all of the sudden I’m out like a light.  It’s the only time I’m still.  That’s when the camera comes out and captures me snoring away.  This is my picture compilation from August to October.  I should be a sleep model because I sure look cute.  Enjoy! ~ Luke

August 11, 2012
Snuggle wuggle time with my beagle buddy. It made the transition to a new house easier because beagle buddy reminded me of my siblings.

August 12, 2012
On my back between a blanket and a pillow at MOG’s house.

August 12, 2012
In my brand new bed with some brand new toys.

August 14, 2012
Curled up on the couch and looking like a little dumpling.

August 15, 2012
Sticking out my tongue and saying, “Nanny Nanny Boo Boo” in my sleep.

September 2, 2012
Doing an Elvis impersonation with my lips and showing off my big bear paw.

September 6, 2012
Finding a cool place to sleep on a hot summer day.

September 6, 2012
Wedged between the armrest and seat cushion.

September 20, 2012
Underneath the couch, which is one of my most favorite places to sleep.

September 24, 2012
Snuggling with a comfy blanket on mommy’s bed.

September 30, 2012
Resting my head on the armrest while my lanky arms stretch out.

October 4, 2012
Flying like Superman.

October 14, 2012
Resting my head on a pillow and snuggling in a blankie because it’s cold outside!

October 15, 2012
Dreaming that the NHL hockey season started so I can cheer for the Washington Capitals.

October 15, 2012
Testing out the softness of the cotton sateen sheets.

October 28, 2012
Tucked inside a flannel blanket with my toy fox.