Monthly Archives: March 2014

Let them eat cake

I stand corrected.  Let ME eat cake! 😀

I get so excited when I see cake.  I’m like a kid in a candy store. 😉

Uncle Tony’s birthday was a couple weeks ago.  We bought a red velvet cake for him.  Unfortunately, I was not allowed to eat it but I hear it was delicious.  Three more months until my birthday.  Then I can eat cake!!!!!!! 😀

~ Luke


Uncle Tony sure is old. Look at all the candles on the cake!


I licked the icing when no one was looking. Haha!

The four letter word that people dread…

SNOW!!!!! 😀

Just about all of the Washington DC area was shut down today.  Everyone here is sick and tired of snow…but Lukey LOVES it!

It’s hard to contain my excitement when I see the four letter word on the ground.  The first thing I do when I go outside is run, run, run as fast as I can.  They don’t call me Speedy Gonzales for nothing. 😉

~ Luke

3.3 (1)

Crazy Lukey!!!!

3.3 (23)

Stick chewing break before I run some more.