Monthly Archives: November 2013

Presents in the mail!

My holiday wardrobe arrived!  I tried on my new coat and sweater to make sure they fit.  I look great in my new clothes! 😀

~ Luke

11.25 (1)

I’m a male model!

11.25 (7)

Give me a treat or else I’ll tackle you.

11.25 (9)

Can I play with my new cardboard “toy” now?

11.25 (24)

One more shot and that’s it. Now give me some green beans from the fridge!!!!!

Dog park in Shirlington

I checked out a new dog park in Shirlington, Virginia.  It was nice.  Tons of dogs to play with! 😀

~ Luke

11.11 (3)

Hi, my name is Luke.   You wanna play?

11.11 (5)

Is this a squeaky toy, rat, squirrel or puppy? Whatever it is, I’m intrigued…and scared.

11.11 (8)

Somebody chase me! Come on! Chase me!!!!!

11.11 (9)

I’m Speedy Gonzales! Andale andale arriba arriba!!

Sky Meadows State Park

I went on a hike at Sky Meadows State Park in Markham, Virginia.  It was so much fun!  So many dogs took their humans hiking on a sunny yet breezy autumn afternoon.  To add to the excitement, there were also a bunch of cows roaming freely…I forgot how BIG cows are.  The lovely cows made hiking interesting.  They left cow patty landmines everywhere! ~ Luke

11.10 (2)

That’s one big dog…

11.10 (3)

…oopsie! That’s not a dog, it’s a moo moo cow cow.

11.10 (4)

Nice clear sunny day with gorgeous views.

11.10 (6)

I know the way back home. Follow me!

11.10 (11)

Almost there!