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For me?!

I’ve had plenty of goodies arrive in the mail before but this was the first time a package was addressed to me!!!  Aunt Laura sent me a birthday present.  Unfortunately, it was too tight and mommy had to return it back.  But I did pose for some pics in my birthday shirt. ~ Luke

6.18.13 001

To my surprise, this box was addressed to me!!!

6.18.13 009

I love boxes because I get to shred them after goodies are taken out.  This is the present that I received…a birthday boy shirt.

6.18.13 011

Unfortunately, it’s EXTREMELY tight.

6.18.13 016

I’m “hiding” because I don’t want my present taken away!

Terrapin Nature Preserve

Back in May, my friends and I visited Terrapin Nature Preserve in Stevensville, Maryland.  It was our first stop before Matapeake Beach, so technically speaking, this was my first beach combing experience. This beach is on the north side of Kent Island while Matapeake Beach is on the west side, about 15 minutes away.

The tiny beach was crowded with people and dogs had to be leashed.  Our leashes  got really tangled so we couldn’t play like we wanted to.  It wasn’t a nice and peaceful environment so we stayed for 15 minutes before leaving.

Although our stay was short, we took some pics so I thought I’d share it with everyone.  Some fun in the water is better than no water at all, right?! 😀 ~ Luke


This is where I proved that I was really a labrador!


I’m giving Riley a stare down before we play.


Tug-a-war!  Tug-a-war!

5.27.13 011

Lita got in on the action too!


We kept getting tangled up!

5.27.13 003

I’m playing fetch with Riley one last time before we go.  (That’s the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the background).


Let me shake off the sand then onward to our next destination!




The best part about birthdays are the presents.  I received a bunch of them wrapped in tissue paper.  I’m not sure what was more fun, ripping up paper or playing with the presents! ~ Luke


Are these all for me?!


Mine, mine, mine!


I’m like a kid in a candy store!


Don’t touch!  That’s mine!!


Who says I’m spoiled?! 😉


Look at this face…how can you resist me?

My birthday adventures

6.15.13 083

Hi everybody!

Thank you for your kind wishes on my birthday.  I had an awesome time!  Saturday started with a late morning visit to a new dog park in Falls Church.  It was huge!  There were tons of dogs there.  After an hour of running around, I had my daily dose of exercise.

6.15.13 007

Who should I play with?  So many choices!

6.15.13 003

Nothing better than chewing on a stick after an energetic game of chase.

6.15.13 011

I’ll rest under the table and cool off with my new friend before we head out.

Grandpa and I shared Saturday evening together…yes, I know how to share. 😉  We celebrated my birthday and grandpa’s early Father’s Day celebration at Courtside Thai Restaurant in historic downtown Fairfax.  They were extremely dog friendly and the food was yummy too!

After dinner, our server brought out my birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to me.  Everyone at the restaurant clapped their hands and thought it was too cute.

6.15.13 013

Grandma and grandpa had never been out in public with me before so they were very impressed with how well behaved I was.

6.15.13 081

Mommy’s friend Lauren baked this delicious dog cake for me.  I taste cinnamon, honey, yogurt, and…is that peanut butter?!?!?!?!?!

6.15.13 030

Oh my goodness it is!  There’s peanut butter in the center!!!!!

6.15.13 082

That’s all I was allowed to eat in one day.   I can’t wait to share this cake with Lita!!!

Could my birthday celebration get any better than this?  Stay tuned for my next blog to find out! 😉 ~ Luke

One year ago…

…a little dumpling was born in Alabama.  Seven weeks later, the newly adopted little dumpling arrived to his permanent home in Virginia.  This little dumpling was named Luke…that’s me! 😉

Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday dear Lukie.  Happy birthday to me.

Have a happy day everybody!  I know I will! 😀 ~ Luke


8.11.12 005 8.11.12 030 8.12.12 014 8.14.12 010 DSC_0362 DSC_0406DSC_0417

My early bday present

Guess what everyone?!  My first birthday is in 3 days!!!!  That didn’t stop me from receiving a really cool early birthday present on Memorial Day…a Ruffwear Big Eddy Float Coat!  Although the water at Matapeake Beach was mostly too shallow for a life jacket, I was very comfortable playing with it on.  That’s good to know because the next time I go somewhere with deep water, I will make sure I’m wearing my sporty red life jacket.  I really like the design of the Big Eddy because it fits securely on me yet allows freedom to play around.

Here’s an interesting story.  My friend Riley knows how to swim but I haven’t really been tested yet.  At one point, she and I chased a ball thrown extremely far out into the Chesapeake Bay.  Thank goodness I still had on my life jacket because we were in deep water.  I would have freaked out without it!!!!!

However, since I was wearing my life jacket, I calmly swam back to more shallow water before I hippity hopped back onto shore.  I felt so safe with my life jacket that I chased another ball waaaay out there in the deep water!  Awesome, yeah?! ~ Luke


The Ruffwear Big Eddy Float Coat and Frisbee were my early birthday presents.


As usual, I look good in red.


It doesn’t hinder my movement while I’m clowning around with Riley…


…or teasing Lita that she doesn’t like water.


I dared Lita to go into the water and fetch the ball. She did!!!  Unfortunately she got water up her nose and felt sick for a little bit.


Before I could get to the ball, Riley took it!!

5.27.13 048

Lita was such a trooper!  After she felt better, she went back into the water to play some more.

5.27.13 050

Lita was a smart girl.  She wanted no part of fetching the ball in the water.  She said water up her nose did not feel good.

5.27.13 051

Lita let Riley and me do all the fetching.


Look!  I’m swimming!!!!   I’m really far out there with Riley.

More pics from the beach

PIC 020

That was refreshing!

PIC 021

Whatcha got there?

PIC 016

Is that a stick in your hand?!?!?!?!

5.27.13 018

Must fetch!!!!!!!

5.27.13 019

I got it!   I got it!  I got it!

5.27.13 020

Ha ha!  You’re too slow Riley!   I got it!!!!!

5.27.13 022

Mine, mine, mine!!!!


Darn!  Riley fetched the ball while I was distracted playing with Lita!

Staycation Day 4

May 27, 2013, Memorial Day, was the most fun I’ve ever had in my young life…and I’ve had MANY adventures already.  I went to the beach for the first time!!!!!!!!

Mommy, Aunt Kwyn, Cousin Amy, Cousin Dave, Lita, Riley’s mommy Kellie, and Riley went too.  We went to Matapeake State Park, which has an off leash dog park at the end of the beach.  It’s on Kent Island by the Bay Bridge in Maryland, about 1.5 hours from my house.

We had so much fun playing in the Chesapeake Bay as well as running around the beach.  At first, Lita, Riley and I had the beach all to ourselves.  Later that afternoon, more dogs showed up and we had a blast playing with them.

Soooo many pics were taken, I decided to split them up into separate blogs.  Enjoy!  I know I did! 😀 ~ Luke


I LOVE fetching sticks!


Riley does too.

5.27.13 029

I was able to fetch this stick before Riley.


Lita is watching us play in the water.


I hippity hop like a rabbit as I run to shore.


Look!  A flying fish! 😉


Riley and Lita playing on the beach.

5.27.13 037

I’m the monkey in the middle.