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“I Don’t Know” is on 3rd

Fall is in the air, which means I get to accompany mommy to lacrosse practice and softball games.  Last week, I attended my first softball game.  Mommy plays on a team for her company so her colleagues saw me in person for the first time.  I’m sure mommy’s coworkers will tell you that I look just as cute, actually, take that back, I look cuter in person than pictures of me that mommy has at work. 😀

I sat in the dugout during the game.  When it was over, mommy let me on the field.  Everyone was impressed that I was so well behaved and stayed by mommy’s side the entire time…little did they know I’m co-dependent. 😉

If you don’t know what the title of this blog alludes to, youtube Who’s On First by Abbott & Costello.  Until next time!

~ Luke

9.10 (1)

You’re looking at an All Star 3rd baseman here!

9.10 (4)

I’m looking in the dugout because I’m fascinated by the coach’s weird hand signs.

9.10 (2)

What do you mean you’re taking me out of the game and I’m benched?! How rude!

9.10 (3)

Hey man, pass the bag of sunflower seeds…every time I watch baseball on tv, I always see players eating sunflower seeds.

More beachcombing adventures

Back on Independence Day weekend, I went to Matapeake Beach in Stevensville, Maryland with Lita and Riley.  I’m glad I had a chance to re-visit these pictures because it prepares me for next month’s beach trip to Virginia Beach during Columbus Day weekend.  Not only will I get to touch the Atlantic Ocean with my own four paws for the first time, I will have a chance to play in salt water, AND stay in a dog friendly hotel by the ocean!!!!!!!  How cool is that?!?!?!?!  😀

I will make sure tons of pictures are taken during the trip and share them with everyone.   Have a great weekend!

~ Luke

7.5 (55)

With my trusty PFD, I can play in the water twice as long as other dogs.

7.5 (53)

That little black blob in the background is Riley.

7.5 (130)

I love playing fetch!

7.5 (62)

Blah! I got seaweed in my mouth!!

7.5 (116)

I fetched the red ball. Riley is swimming towards the tennis ball.

7.5 (37)

Lita is suspicious of this interloper. She’s a brave puppy!

Goodbye August, Hello September

Hi everybody!

I can’t believe this is the third day of September.  I didn’t get a chance to share some of my August adventures with you.  Better late than never, right?! 😀

There were some days in August that weren’t too hot to play outside so I went to the dog park when the weather was cool.


8.11 (4)

Ready and throw the ball!!!

8.11 (5)

I’m getting hot. Got my exercise. Let’s go home.

I spent a weekend at Uncle Tony’s place.  He was packing up his stuff to move into a new house so I supervised.


Remember, I’m fragile so you will have to bubble wrap me and handle with care.

Almost every weekend, I had play dates with girls, girls, girls.  What can I say?  I’m a ladies man. 😉

Riley came over to hang out with me the first weekend in August.  Then Belle hung out with me a week after that.  I didn’t want Lita to feel left out so I came over to hang with her during Labor Day weekend.


Riley and I are tired from running around the house but it doesn’t stop us from playing while laying.


This is my come hither, submissive behavior to lure her away from the toy before I grab it.

8.18 (4)

Belle is so small, she’s like one of my toys. I was a good boy. I only chewed on her once. Haha.

8.18 (6)

She’s very smart! Belle found my treat drawer.

8.30 (1)

August wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Big Mama’s house.

8.30 (3)

Lita and I finished playing, now we want our treats!!