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Trouble is as trouble does


Look up “mischievous hijinks” in the dictionary and this face will appear.

Hi everyone!

Did you have a nice holiday?!  I sure did!!!  It flurried the day before Christmas.  Every time a snowflake fell on my face, I tried to lick it off.  I even tried to chase them.


Snowflakes melt too quick!  It feels like rain on my face.


Licking snow is fun!


Okay, I’m getting cold.  Let’s go inside.

I  spent the rest of Christmas Eve at MOG’s (my other grandma) and didn’t sleep a wink…neither did she or anyone else in the house. 😉

There were too many things going on!  MOG is a great cook and the smells coming from the kitchen were DELICIOUS!  Since she was busy cooking and decorating the tree, no one exercised the poor kitties.  So in the spirit of giving, I volunteered to chase them around the house ALL NIGHT LONG.  😀

I’ve had an eventful holiday week so I’ll post another blog real soon!  Until next time. ~ Luke

My Christmas pics

12.2.12 008

You have 5 seconds to get this shot before I fling the hat off my head.


I’m adorable in my Santa outfit.  Look how svelte I look!  I loss the pudgy puppy weight and now I’m a lean (not)mean trouble machine.


I’m bashful.


Posing with my 2012 Christmas Bear.


I’m not a big green jewel.  This is supposed to be an elf outfit (Santa reverses to be an elf).


I’m cute and I know it.


The only time I allow a hat on my head is when I’m sleeping.

Christmas Card

Have a happy and safe holiday with family and friends!

Hundreds were taken, few were chosen

Hi everyone!

The holiday season is at its peak and everyone is running around buying presents for ME!!!

I will share some of my “best of” holiday photos later this week.  To start things off, I decided to reveal the underbelly of the modeling world.  Here are some behind the scene pics to obtain said “best of” pics from me.

Modeling is tough work…especially when you have ADD.  Just like Washington D.C. politics, nothing gets done unless bribery and extortion are involved. 😉 ~ Luke


Quid pro quo is my motto.  Give me treats and I will give you cute pics of me.


Temper tantrum alert:  I’ll come out from under the table only if you feed me treats!!!


I love crispy green beans (slightly blanched)!!!!!!!!!!


Break time!  Strip me naked of clothing and let me chew on this stick.

Practice run

Christmas morning will be here before I know it.  Since it will be my first, I need to practice opening my presents as quickly as possible.  I timed myself ripping through paper…lightning speed!!  I’m ready for Christmas! 🙂 ~ Luke


On your mark.  Get set.  Go!!!!!


Faster!  Faster!  Faster!


I’m ready for the real presents now!

Battle of the Beltway

No one thought it was possible but the underdog Washington Redskins beat the perennial playoff bound Baltimore Ravens….and the Skins emerged the victors 28-31 in overtime!!!

Everyone sing with me!

Hail to the Redskins.  Hail victory.  Braves on the warpath.  Fight for old DC.

Have a happy manic monday. ~ Luke

12.10.12 001

The entire game was too close for comfort.

12.10.12 006

I thought we were goners when RGIII left in the final 2 minutes of the game with a knee injury.

12.10.12 007

Backup QB Kirk Cousins drove the offense down the endzone to tie the game.  In OT, the winning field goal was made by Kai Forbath.  What a game!!

My jewels were taken

Yes.  It’s true.  My boys are gone.   I was neutered yesterday.  😦

While I was under general anesthesia, I was microchipped as well.  I know mommy loves me and everything was done for my best interest.  A little ouchie now is better than a lot of ouchie later.  I keep telling myself it’s just a bee sting, albeit a BIG bee.  I’m a big boy now so I just gotta grin and bear it.

I’m recuperating quite well.  When the anesthesia wore off last night, I was back to my normal rambunctious self.  I had to be contained and restrained from rough housing, jumping on the sofa and running.  What can I say…I’m strong like bull.  😀

Have a great weekend! ~ Luke

12.6.12 001

This is me being picked up after post-op.  My eyes are blood shot, I’m drugged and sore.  I slept the entire ride home.

12.6.12 002

When we arrived home, I walked around the house to check on my toys.  Then I plopped into my new bed.  I had enough energy to wag my tail before going back to sleep.

12.6.12 004

Although I was zonked out, I managed to wag my tail every few minutes.  I was asleep for 2 whole hours.  Outside of night time, this NEVER happens!

12.6.12 005

The vet didn’t think I would have an appetite to eat the same day. Wrong!  My stomach was empty and it needed to be filled.  No adverse affects either.

LAX tryout

I had a chance to watch Super Nova lacrosse league tryout on Sunday.  For those who need a refresher with the lingo, LAX = lacrosse, not the airport.

Mommy is one of the coaches and I’m her scout.  I haven’t seen the team in a month and I was concerned the girls forgot about me.  Wrong!  When tryout was over, I was pet by almost the entire team and their parents.  I LOVE attention!  I especially LOVE having my belly rubbed!! 🙂  ~ Luke

12.2.12 001

I’m having fun chasing leaves and barking at people on the campus of George Mason University.

12.2.12 003

I’m impatiently waiting for everyone to come say hello to me when tryout ends.

12.2.12 004

Aunt Kwyn has been taking turns with me being mommy’s chauffeur.  She’s driving so it’s my turn to catch some zzzzzs on the way home.

Looks can be deceiving

Hi everyone!

I’m almost 6 months old and I weigh 41 pounds.  Oh how time flies!  Just a few months ago, I was a 10 pound dumpling with short legs.  I’m almost at my full adult size now.  No matter how old I am, I’m still Luke…full of hijinks galore.  😉

I really look angelic when I’m sleeping.  If you didn’t know me, you would think that I’m the sweetest, most innocent dog ever.  Haha!  Looks can be deceiving!  I’m still a rugrat! 🙂  ~Luke

I really look adorable when I’m sleeping.

I must add ‘dog bed model’ to my resume.  My bed is so comfortable, it feels like I’m sleeping on a fluffy cloud.

I have no idea how this shoe ended up in my mouth!

I was framed, I tell ya.  Somebody planted the shoe in my bed while I was sleeping.

I don’t need shoes to have fun.  I’ll just pull out all the stuffing in the bed.

If I can’t see you, then I’m not in trouble!