Check out my Doggles

I’m not sure if I consider this a present but I received cool looking and functional Doggles brand goggles in silver with skulls and crossbones design.  There’s no doubt I look cool in them.  If only I can keep them on!

I am allergic to fresh cut grass.  My eyes get irritated and my right eyelid does this weird thing that grosses everyone out.  After my eye is flushed with saline to wash out grass debris, I look normal within a few hours.  This has happened the last two times the lawn was mowed.

So Aunt Kwyn decided to order Doggles to protect my eyes during walks after the grass is cut.  I just received them two days ago and the longest I can keep them on is 2 whole minutes.  I’m still getting used to them so it’s a working progress.  I’ll keep everyone posted on the success rate of this experiment.  Until next time!

~ Luke

7.16 (6)

What is this new torture device?!

7.16 (7)

Maybe if I close my eyes then open them, this torture device will magically disappear.

7.16 (11)

Positive reinforcement with a treat to bribe me. Hmmnnn. Let me think about it.

7.16 (13)

Okay! Let’s go for a walk and test out these bad boys!

7.17 (3)

I found a stick to play with. Now excuse me while I roll on the ground and pry off this torture device.



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  1. Oh bless you Luke!

    I can only imagine how our two would react to your Doggles…they would be destroyed in seconds 😀

    You are already more of a success than they would be bwahaha 😉

  2. Too cool. 🙂 I think you should spike the hair on your head to complete the look 🙂
    Hey, those are supposed to be great in the snow too.
    ♥ Behr Behr 🙂

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