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Dog Park Part Deux

Hi everybody!

It’s snowing outside but not the light and fluffy kind I like.  It’s heavy and wet so everything is muddy.  So no playing in the snow for me today.

Good thing I stopped by the dog park yesterday for some more fun and excitement.  I’m pooped out!

I met up with Lita and our new friend Riley.  Riley is a black lab so she and I got along instantly.  She’s going to teach me how to swim when the weather gets warmer.  I can’t wait!

As usual, Lita was my bodyguard and she was protective of me.  This is great because I have a tendency of getting into dog’s faces, not because I’m dominant but because I love to give kisses.  Some dogs don’t like this and they try to bite me.  That’s where big momma Lita comes in to keep the peace.

We had a great time playing outside even though it was cold and gloomy.  I wanted everyone to chase me so I zig zagged around the park like Speedy Gonzales…Andele!  Andele!  Arriba!  Arriba! ~ Luke


The three of us ready to fetch the ball.  Lita is in purple.  I’m in red.  Riley is in the metal stud collar.


I like being the monkey in the middle!


I’m goofing around with Lita.


I got Riley to chase me even though she’s the one with the ball in her mouth.


New dog!  New dog!


Another new dog!  May I give you a kiss?  Don’t bite me, okay?

Chillin’ at the dog park

Today was my first dog park experience.  It was a tiny enclosure but it was a clean fenced in area to play off leash with Lita.  A lady with a husky came by but they decided not to come in.  So Lita and I we were the only ones there.  That was fine by us.  Just meant more space for us to play chase!  I can’t wait to come back here again.  Maybe more dogs will show up when it’s warmer outside. ~ Luke


Come on Lita!  Let’s chase the ball!!!!!


If you don’t want it, I’ll fetch it.


You’re not even trying!


It’s mine, all mine!


Got it!

3.22.13 005

Go ahead and rest Lita.  I’ll chew on a stick until you’re ready to play again.


An afternoon with Lita

Hi all!

The other day I stopped by Lita’s house for an afternoon adventure.  We played, ate treats and went for a walk.  Could life possibly get any better?!?! ~ Luke

3.18.13 002

We’re eagerly awaiting our treats.

3.18.13 006

Come here Lita!  You know you miss me!

3.18.13 007

Don’t play hard to get.   Let me give you kiss kiss.

3.18.13 017

No fair!  Why does Lita get the first treat?!

3.18.13 023

Ok, ok, ok!  My turn!!!!!!

Courage Caps

I’m sporting an old camo Courage Caps t-shirt (100% of proceeds go to charity) while watching the Washington Capitals hockey game.  We’re no longer at the bottom of the totem pole…we’re second to last!  Woo hoo! ~ Luke

3.12.13 001

You have one second to take this pic before I jump down and play.

3.12.13 016

I’m a boy therefore I love all sports.  I’m inventing a game called soccer frisbee.

3.12.13 020

The hockey game is a nail biter! I can’t watch!

Lukie and the Chipmunk

I’d like to share with you a little story.  It’s called Lukie and the Chipmunk.

3.5.13 008

One day, little Lukie was bored out of his mind…

3.5.13 007

Then grandma came home and Lukie was a happy lil’ guy because she bought him a new chipmunk toy…

3.5.13 011

Lukie clung onto the chipmunk and said, “It’s mine, all mine!!!!!!!”…

3.5.13 005

Lukie wrestled with it…

3.5.13 006

And flung it around…

3.5.13 013

Afterwards, Lukie gave it a stare down before playing with it some more.

The End.

~ Luke

P.S. – I didn’t say it was a great story.  Just a story. 😉

Green bean candles!

We celebrated Uncle Tony’s birthday yesterday.  I was soooo happy to see him!  He’s been busy at work so I haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks.  I let him know how much I missed him by tackling him on the couch and we rough housed for a bit.

When it came time for the birthday cake, I was up close and personal, inspecting it to make sure everything was okay.  Best of all, green bean candles were used so I could have some “cake” too!  Bestest of all, all those yummy green bean candles were mine, all mine!!!!! 😀

Until next time! ~ Luke

3.10.13 004

Why do you tempt me?!

3.10.13 005

See?  I’m a good boy.  Just observing.


Hurry up and blow the candle already…I want my green beans!!!

It’s melting!!!

We had a great snowfall, the kind that everyone likes…good accumulation, wet enough to make snowballs, and all melted from the roads and sidewalks by the next day.  Win-win situation.

It’s no fun playing outside today because the yard is wet and muddy.  Besides, I’m tired from all the playing I did yesterday.  Here are the last set of pics to document my first snowfall.  Enjoy! ~ Luke


Let it snow!!!!

Hot diggity doo, it’s snowing outside!!!!!  My wish finally came true.  Thank you Easter Bunny! 😉

I’ve been playing outside all morning.  Now it’s sleepy time before I head back out for some more fun in the snow. ~ Luke


Woo hoo!  Jump in the air and do the happy dance!  Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance!!!!!!!


I love my coat.   It keeps me dry, warm and toasty.


Let’s play fetch!!


I got the ball. Now chase me if you want it back!!!!!


Did you just throw a snowball at my face?!?!?!


Floppy ears!


Let me run as fast as I can!


Great work out! Let’s do it again.

Keeping busy

Hi everyone!

This time tomorrow, I will be playing in SNOW!!!  It sounds like we’re receiving anywhere between 5-10 inches.  I can’t wait!!

Since I have ADD and tomorrow is sooooo far away, new activities are constantly introduced to keep me out of trouble.  The latest is eating  green beans and baby carrots from a kong toy.  I like working for my food.  It keeps me on my toes!

Until next time!  ~ Luke

3.1.13 002

I smell green beans!!!!!!!

3.1.13 004

I’m gonna getcha…

3.1.13 006

So close yet so far away…

3.1.13 007

Haha! Come to me my pretty!

3.1.13 008

Crunchity crunchity crunchity crunch.

Saturday afternoon at Silver Lake

Howdy ya’ll.

It’s March and I’m still waiting for the first substantial snowfall this winter.  I went to Silver Lake yesterday and it was pretty quiet.  Just me and the geese.  I guess people don’t like being outside when it’s cold…and it was cold out.

Since I don’t have fingers, I’m crossing my eyes hoping for snow this week. 😀  The weather forecaster says the Washington DC area has a good chance of snow Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  We shall see.

Until next time! ~ Luke


Sniff sniff…I’m following a scent.


What’s that honking sound?!


Goose goose! Lots of ’em!!!!!!!


It’s time to walk the trail.


Flaps up…jumbo jet Luke ready for take off!


What a BIG branch.  I wonder if I can put it in my mouth.