Monthly Archives: September 2013

My first camping trip

I went camping with mommy and Aunt Kwyn this weekend.  We were by the C&O Canal near Harper’s Ferry.  It was a test to see how I would react to being in the woods…with things that go bump in the night.  I PASSED!!!!!!! 😀

This was the first of many more camping trips in the near future.  Maybe Lita will join us for the next one! ~ Luke


Where’s Lukie?! This is our campsite.


The Potomac River is behind the trees.


Follow me down the path and I’ll show you the river.


Tada! Isn’t it pretty?


I wanted to jump in the water but it was getting dark and chilly out so mommy said next time.


I’m guarding our tent from interlopers.





I LOVE birthdays. Do you know why? CAKE!!!!! 😀

Today is Aunt Kwyn’s birthday.  Mommy bought a strawberry shortcake from Whole Foods for the celebration.  I got to taste a little of the cream and ate a whole strawberry!  Yum yum yum. 🙂

~ Luke


Make a wish and blow out the candles!!!


My wish came true…I was allowed to eat some cake!


Still adjusting…

I was supposed to move with mommy to Falls Church, VA earlier this month.  However, little Lukie had a difficult time adjusting to ANOTHER new place (living in 3 places within the past couple months was too much for me).  Therefore, we thought it was best that I stayed with grandma and grandpa on the weekdays and slowly transition me to mommy’s house on the weekends until I’m comfortable with the new surroundings and her housemates.  ~ Luke


I’ve been surrounded by moving boxes for the past couple months. Moving poops me out!


I’m testing out mommy’s new bed and comforter.


It’s very comfy!