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Quiet afternoon at the vineyard

I spent a beautiful Monday afternoon at Barrel Oak Winery with Lita.  We had our fun at the dog park earlier that morning so it was Aunt Kwyn and Cousin Amy’s turn to have fun at the vineyard.

The winery is very dog friendly…we were allowed to hang out with humans inside the tasting room.  There was a huge fireplace with crackling wood that reminded me of camping.  After the wine tasting was over, we sat outside and had a picnic.  It was an awesome day!

~ Luke

10.28 (26)

Lita and I are intently looking at people walking through the door.

10.28 (34)

It was a gorgeous autumn day…not too hot, not too cold. Just right! 😀

10.28 (32)

Forget the wine. Where’s the food?!

New Dog Park!!!!!!!

Lita invited me to go to a dog park she recently discovered in Vint Hill, Virginia.  It’s gorgeous!!!!  We were smack dab in the middle of horse country.  There were real trees and grass there.  We played with a yellow lab until we were pooped out.  Then we went to a dog friendly vineyard…but that’s another blog. 😀

~ Luke

10.28 (2)

There are soooooo many toys here! I’m gonna get this one and this one and this one…uh ADD kicks in.

10.28 (4)

Let’s play tug o war!!!!!

10.28 (12)

I’m so small in comparison to this tree in the background.

10.28 (14)

Lita and I smell something!!!!!

10.28 (17)

It’s time to hippity hop some more!

10.28 (19)

Tag…you’re it!


Hemlock Overlook

I hiked a trail at Hemlock Overlook in Clifton, VA this past weekend.  Mommy let me go off leash so I led the way for the 6 mile hike.  I would run about 30 feet ahead then run back to make sure mommy was okay.  So technically, I hiked more than 6 miles.

I was zonked out when we got home.  All I did was sleep the next day.  I can’t wait to go back again!

~ Luke

P.S. I went to the vet clinic for my annual examination a couple days ago.  Guess how much I weigh?  52 pounds of lean muscle.  The vet was impressed with my shiny coat and white teeth.  What can I say?  I look GOOD. 😉


My name is Luke. I will be your trail guide for today.


Follow me!

Play date!

I have a new friend.  His name is Cooper.  He’s a black lab.  I look so small sitting next to him.

Mommy’s friend and housemate Bonnie was doggie sitting Cooper this past weekend.  So mommy brought me over to play with him.  We had a blast! ~ Luke


If you glance at this pic, you may mistaken me for Cooper or vice versa.


I’m the one without the leash.


We played and played and played.


Just call me small fry!


Playing in the rain

It’s wet and chilly outside.  But my coat keeps me warm and dry.  What to do on a dreary day?  PLAY PLAY PLAY!!!!! 😀

~ Luke


Let’s go this way. There’s a big puddle up ahead that I want to jump into.


But first thing first. I must grab a stick and play fetch.


Now let’s run over to the puddle!!


Wait! What’s that sound?! It’s the delivery truck!


GGGRRRRR. I must run back home to guard the house from the UPS man!