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It’s time to visit vineyards!

Spring has sprung and it’s warm enough to sit outside and have a picnic at local vineyards.  That means yours truly gets to tag along at dog friendly vineyards.

Last Friday, I visited Sunset Hills Vineyard in Purcellville, Virgnia.  I was chillin’ on the porch as we listened to live music.  It rained but the sky opened up enough for a nice picture of the sunset.

I hadn’t seen aunt Kim in forever but I recognized her as soon as she got out of her car.  I did my whimpering doggie thing and she was putty in my hands. 😉

Grandma and grandpa have been feeding me too many treats since Christmas and I packed on the winter pounds.  Well, aunt Kim (she’s a veterinarian) confirmed that I was obese.  Now that the weather is nice, I will be doing a lot of hiking so I’ll be back to my normal healthy svelte self sooner than you can snap your fingers. 😀

Have a happy Easter and Passover everyone.  Until next time!

~ Luke

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Paradise Springs Winery

I chilled out at Paradise Springs Winery this past Friday.  First, I walked around historic Clifton with Aunt Kwyn, her friend Aunt Kim and Aunt Kim’s dad.

Aunt Kim (she’s a vet) hadn’t seen me in a couple of months.  She said I looked great… healthy and svelte.  I lost all my winter and holiday pudge! 😀  She rewarded me with a singular french fry…woo hoo!  My Jedi mind control worked! 😉

Afterwards, we hung out at the winery and had a picnic outside until the sun set.  I was on a tie out that Aunt Kim bought me for Christmas so it gave me the freedom to play with other dogs, albeit running around in circles.  At least I wasn’t on a leash like them…ha ha.

This is the second winery that I’ve visited in my entire life.  I’m sure I will be visiting  a lot more now that the weather is nice.

By the way, I’ve been told that all the wines at Paradise Springs Winery are really good.  So if you’re a wine aficionado and in the Washington, D.C. area, check them out! ~ Luke

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