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Too hot to trot

Boy it’s been hot outside this week and it’s supposed to be hotter next week!  I overheat within 10 minutes so I haven’t been playing outdoors much.  The good news is, there’s always a bbq or party on the weekend so I get to play with my doggy friends when the sun sets.  Tomorrow, I will see Lita as we celebrate great grandma’s 93rd birthday.  Hopefully we will have some pictures taken because I haven’t posted a pic of Lita in a while.

Have a great weekend everybody!


6.20 (8)

Chillin’ out last Friday evening on the patio of Bogati Bodega Winery near Leesburg, Virginia.

6.20 (14)

Humans, stop bothering me and drink your wine! I want to eat my snack in peace.




My birthday adventures

6.15.13 083

Hi everybody!

Thank you for your kind wishes on my birthday.  I had an awesome time!  Saturday started with a late morning visit to a new dog park in Falls Church.  It was huge!  There were tons of dogs there.  After an hour of running around, I had my daily dose of exercise.

6.15.13 007

Who should I play with?  So many choices!

6.15.13 003

Nothing better than chewing on a stick after an energetic game of chase.

6.15.13 011

I’ll rest under the table and cool off with my new friend before we head out.

Grandpa and I shared Saturday evening together…yes, I know how to share. 😉  We celebrated my birthday and grandpa’s early Father’s Day celebration at Courtside Thai Restaurant in historic downtown Fairfax.  They were extremely dog friendly and the food was yummy too!

After dinner, our server brought out my birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to me.  Everyone at the restaurant clapped their hands and thought it was too cute.

6.15.13 013

Grandma and grandpa had never been out in public with me before so they were very impressed with how well behaved I was.

6.15.13 081

Mommy’s friend Lauren baked this delicious dog cake for me.  I taste cinnamon, honey, yogurt, and…is that peanut butter?!?!?!?!?!

6.15.13 030

Oh my goodness it is!  There’s peanut butter in the center!!!!!

6.15.13 082

That’s all I was allowed to eat in one day.   I can’t wait to share this cake with Lita!!!

Could my birthday celebration get any better than this?  Stay tuned for my next blog to find out! 😉 ~ Luke