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Happiness is…

…finding a big stick to play with.  Winter is over and it’s officially spring time which means I’ll be doing lots of fun outdoor activities like watching mommy play lacrosse, hiking, going to the beach, camping and visiting vineyards.  Let the fun begin!

~ Luke

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Silver Lake

Hi everybody!

The weather was gorgeous today.  It was partly sunny, breezy and 66 degrees, perfect for a visit to the lake.  I had fun fetching sticks in the water (if it didn’t go out too far).  Best of all, two geese swam by and I was tempted to go out and say hello to them.  I’m not ready to swim yet so wading is fine for now.  Have a great weekend! ~ Luke

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Saturday afternoon at Silver Lake

Howdy ya’ll.

It’s March and I’m still waiting for the first substantial snowfall this winter.  I went to Silver Lake yesterday and it was pretty quiet.  Just me and the geese.  I guess people don’t like being outside when it’s cold…and it was cold out.

Since I don’t have fingers, I’m crossing my eyes hoping for snow this week. 😀  The weather forecaster says the Washington DC area has a good chance of snow Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  We shall see.

Until next time! ~ Luke


Sniff sniff…I’m following a scent.


What’s that honking sound?!


Goose goose! Lots of ’em!!!!!!!


It’s time to walk the trail.


Flaps up…jumbo jet Luke ready for take off!


What a BIG branch.  I wonder if I can put it in my mouth.

My first visit to the lake

What is this?!  Are your eyes deceiving you?!  Could it be?!  Egad!  It’s Lukie Lukie Loo playing in water!

Guess where I went?  To the lake!!!!  I LOVED it so much I didn’t want to leave.

The water was cold but I had so much fun jumping in, fetching a stick, jumping out, shaking off water, doing a victory dance with the prize in my mouth, chewing the stick for a bit, then starting all over again.  I can’t wait to go back!  ~ Luke

Is that a stick in the water?!?!?!?!

I’m getting closer!


Yoiks!  The water is too deep!!

Retreat!  Retreat!  Tell the troops to pull back!


Shake it off!

Okay, much better.

There’s that elusive stick again!  I’m gonna getcha this time!

Slow and easy wins the race.  Gentle.  Gentle.