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Play date!

I have a new friend.  His name is Cooper.  He’s a black lab.  I look so small sitting next to him.

Mommy’s friend and housemate Bonnie was doggie sitting Cooper this past weekend.  So mommy brought me over to play with him.  We had a blast! ~ Luke


If you glance at this pic, you may mistaken me for Cooper or vice versa.


I’m the one without the leash.


We played and played and played.


Just call me small fry!


Staycation Day 4

May 27, 2013, Memorial Day, was the most fun I’ve ever had in my young life…and I’ve had MANY adventures already.  I went to the beach for the first time!!!!!!!!

Mommy, Aunt Kwyn, Cousin Amy, Cousin Dave, Lita, Riley’s mommy Kellie, and Riley went too.  We went to Matapeake State Park, which has an off leash dog park at the end of the beach.  It’s on Kent Island by the Bay Bridge in Maryland, about 1.5 hours from my house.

We had so much fun playing in the Chesapeake Bay as well as running around the beach.  At first, Lita, Riley and I had the beach all to ourselves.  Later that afternoon, more dogs showed up and we had a blast playing with them.

Soooo many pics were taken, I decided to split them up into separate blogs.  Enjoy!  I know I did! 😀 ~ Luke


I LOVE fetching sticks!


Riley does too.

5.27.13 029

I was able to fetch this stick before Riley.


Lita is watching us play in the water.


I hippity hop like a rabbit as I run to shore.


Look!  A flying fish! 😉


Riley and Lita playing on the beach.

5.27.13 037

I’m the monkey in the middle.

Bull Run Mountain Part 2

Our goal was accomplished when we made it to High Point Overlook!  We saw lots of farm land and the Blue Ridge Mountains down yonder.  Riley, Lita and I patiently waited as the rest of our pack ogled the view and took a million pics of themselves doing silly poses.  I must admit I was a little intimidated when mommy and I posed for pics by the edge of the rocks.  It was a straight drop down, full of big rocks and trees!

We had an easy hike down the mountain and back to our cars before heading our separate ways.  I still had tons of energy and wanted to play with Lita and Riley but they had to go.  Mommy, Aunt Kwyn, Aunt Laura and I remained so we could explore the historical ruins of Chapman’s Beverly Mill (www.chapmansmill.org).  All in all, it was a fantastic Sunday!

The good news is, Bull Run Mountain is literally 15 minutes from my house.  We’ll definitely do this hike often…especially since two dog friendly vineyards, LaGrange Winery and Pearmund Cellars, are right around the corner (incentive for wine drinkers to hike and drink afterward).

Until next time! ~ Luke

4.7.13 072

Make sure you hold my leash tight, okay?

4.7.13 024

Hurry and take the pic!

4.7.13 070

This is more to my liking…chewing on a stick!

4.7.13 027

View from High Point Overlook

4.7.13 037

There were vultures flying around

4.7.13 052

Chapman’s Beverly Mill

4.7.13 056

View of scaffolding

4.7.13 054

View of machinery

4.7.13 053

Beverly Mills Store

4.7.13 049

Nope!  Not jumping into the Broad Run River without a floatation device.

4.7.13 081

I’ll just do what I’m good at…chomping on a stick.

4.7.13 059

I’m not tired.  I’m just resting my eyes on the ride home.

Bull Run Mountain Part 1

Lita, Riley and I hiked Bull Run Mountain on Sunday.  We were a big pack…mommy Jenny, Aunt Kwyn (my ghostwriter), Aunt Laura (mommy’s best friend), Cousin Dave (Lita’s poppa) and Kellie (Riley’s mommy) joined us.  It was quite a journey with a couple of steep inclines up a rocky path.  We hiked about 2.5 miles up to the overlook then back down for a total of about 5 miles.

I HAD TO BE THE LEADER so Aunt Laura ran with me ahead of everyone, only to stop when I couldn’t see mommy anymore.  Then we ran back to everyone so I could make sure the rest of the pack was safe.  So Aunt Laura and I probably did a 6 mile hike.  Thanks Aunt Laura!  You rock! 😀

We saw a stream along the trail so Riley was excited to see water.  She jumped in immediately.  Since Riley jumped into the water, I followed her, because you know, monkey see, monkey do.  Lita didn’t want anything to do with getting wet so she watched us from dry land.  It was a nice cool dip in the water to begin our journey.

This is the end of Part 1 of my blog.  Stay tuned for Part 2.  Enjoy the pics! ~ Luke

4.7.13 005

Let’s get our feet wet before we dive in, okay?

4.7.13 010

Lita says, “This is as far as I go. Continue on, you crazy wet labs!”

4.7.13 007

Holy Cow!!!  Riley, why didn’t you tell me the water was deep?!

4.7.13 008

Oh my gosh.  Oh my gosh.  Oh my gosh.  Land!!!!

4.7.13 013

Where are you going Riley?!

4.7.13 014

I think we should join Lita back on land.

Dog Park Part Deux

Hi everybody!

It’s snowing outside but not the light and fluffy kind I like.  It’s heavy and wet so everything is muddy.  So no playing in the snow for me today.

Good thing I stopped by the dog park yesterday for some more fun and excitement.  I’m pooped out!

I met up with Lita and our new friend Riley.  Riley is a black lab so she and I got along instantly.  She’s going to teach me how to swim when the weather gets warmer.  I can’t wait!

As usual, Lita was my bodyguard and she was protective of me.  This is great because I have a tendency of getting into dog’s faces, not because I’m dominant but because I love to give kisses.  Some dogs don’t like this and they try to bite me.  That’s where big momma Lita comes in to keep the peace.

We had a great time playing outside even though it was cold and gloomy.  I wanted everyone to chase me so I zig zagged around the park like Speedy Gonzales…Andele!  Andele!  Arriba!  Arriba! ~ Luke


The three of us ready to fetch the ball.  Lita is in purple.  I’m in red.  Riley is in the metal stud collar.


I like being the monkey in the middle!


I’m goofing around with Lita.


I got Riley to chase me even though she’s the one with the ball in her mouth.


New dog!  New dog!


Another new dog!  May I give you a kiss?  Don’t bite me, okay?