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I smell like a bonfire

It’s autumn here in the northern hemisphere where the days are relatively warm but the nights are…brrrrrrr cold!  You do anything you can to stay warm. 😀 ~ Luke

11.10 (19)11.10 (18)


Sky Meadows State Park

I went on a hike at Sky Meadows State Park in Markham, Virginia.  It was so much fun!  So many dogs took their humans hiking on a sunny yet breezy autumn afternoon.  To add to the excitement, there were also a bunch of cows roaming freely…I forgot how BIG cows are.  The lovely cows made hiking interesting.  They left cow patty landmines everywhere! ~ Luke

11.10 (2)

That’s one big dog…

11.10 (3)

…oopsie! That’s not a dog, it’s a moo moo cow cow.

11.10 (4)

Nice clear sunny day with gorgeous views.

11.10 (6)

I know the way back home. Follow me!

11.10 (11)

Almost there!

Quiet afternoon at the vineyard

I spent a beautiful Monday afternoon at Barrel Oak Winery with Lita.  We had our fun at the dog park earlier that morning so it was Aunt Kwyn and Cousin Amy’s turn to have fun at the vineyard.

The winery is very dog friendly…we were allowed to hang out with humans inside the tasting room.  There was a huge fireplace with crackling wood that reminded me of camping.  After the wine tasting was over, we sat outside and had a picnic.  It was an awesome day!

~ Luke

10.28 (26)

Lita and I are intently looking at people walking through the door.

10.28 (34)

It was a gorgeous autumn day…not too hot, not too cold. Just right! 😀

10.28 (32)

Forget the wine. Where’s the food?!

New Dog Park!!!!!!!

Lita invited me to go to a dog park she recently discovered in Vint Hill, Virginia.  It’s gorgeous!!!!  We were smack dab in the middle of horse country.  There were real trees and grass there.  We played with a yellow lab until we were pooped out.  Then we went to a dog friendly vineyard…but that’s another blog. 😀

~ Luke

10.28 (2)

There are soooooo many toys here! I’m gonna get this one and this one and this one…uh ADD kicks in.

10.28 (4)

Let’s play tug o war!!!!!

10.28 (12)

I’m so small in comparison to this tree in the background.

10.28 (14)

Lita and I smell something!!!!!

10.28 (17)

It’s time to hippity hop some more!

10.28 (19)

Tag…you’re it!


Put your tail in the air

…wag it around like you just don’t care.  Wag to the people as they stop to look and stare (sing it to the tune of ‘Word Up’ by Cameo).

Come on everybody, wag your tails!  Celebrate with me.  I’m officially 5 months old today! 😀

What’s another awesome way to celebrate, you ask?!  By playing outside!!!!!  The leaves on the ground are so crunchy this week!  I love chewing on them and hearing the crispy crunchy noise.  They’re irresistible!

I always take advantage of the warm sun in the crisp autumn air by playing outside as much as possible.  The sun sets around 5pm so it doesn’t give me a lot of time to play outdoors like summer time.  Therefore, I must maximize my fun time.  This being said, sorry…gotta go!  ~Luke

What do I want to do?  Let me ponder this thought.

Cruunchhh.  Cruunchhh.  Crispity crunchity goodness in my mouth!  Crispy leaves are yummy.  They remind me of kale chips.

Appetizer is done.  Now it’s time for my most favorite entrée.  Sticks!  I love sticks!!!!!

What’s for dessert?  Grass!  Yum-o-licious!!!!

Okay.  Let me think.  Is there anything else I want to chew on?  Oh, what’s that?!