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July 4th weekend

I celebrated Independence Day at Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg last Friday.  I went with Aunt Kwyn and we met up with Aunt Kim and her mom.  The weather was gorgeous in the high 70s after a week of oppressive heat and humidity.  The winery allows friendly dogs inside the tasting room so yours truly was hamming it up.  Just about everybody pet me then came around and pet me again.  I was too cute in my Under Armour shirt.  What can I say?  I’m a fashion victim. 😉

7.4 (40)

Aunt Kim! What are you doing waaay down there? Come back!!

7.4 (36)

I’m keeping my eyes on her in case she falls into the pond. Where’s Waldo?  Er, Aunt Kim?

7.4 (21)

Okay ADD kicking in. Let’s head back to our table so we can eat more treats.

On Saturday, I went to the dog beach with my dog peeps (Lita and Riley) and human peeps (mommy, Aunt Kwyn, Cousin Dave, Cousin Amy and Keli).  We had a blast and played for a few hours.  Again, the weather was gorgeous.  The Chesapeake Bay was a little choppy because Hurricane Arthur passed by a day earlier, but I had on my trusty PFD (personal flotation device) so I was able to play in the water without getting tired (or inadvertently drinking bay water) like the other dogs.  One dog accidentally drank the bay water while playing fetch and threw up his food all over the sand.  EEEEWWWWW!!!!

7.5 (131)

I’m a male model posing “naked” on the beach.

7.5 (22)

Riley and I back on shore after fetching our respective balls.

7.5 (24)

Lita finding a cool spot in the shade to eat her food.

We took tons of pics at the beach so I’ll share more in the days (or weeks) to come.

Until next time! ~Luke

Chillin’ with my friends

Hi everybody!

The polar vortex that blasted Washington D.C. has lifted.  The temperature was almost 50 degrees today.  I’ve been going stir crazy so I was excited for a car ride to Lita’s house.

To my surprise, my friend Riley was over Lita’s house too!  I haven’t seen Riley since we went to the beach last summer so it was great seeing her again.  Better yet, we all went to the dog park!!!!!!!!!!

We played with a few friends until we were pooped out.  I was covered in mud from head to toe which meant I needed a bath when we got home.  It was well worth it though!  I got to play with Lita and Riley, go to the dog park, and meet up with more new friends.  So all in all, I’d trade today’s adventures for a bath any day! 😉

~ Luke


I’m being chased by Cooper, who is being chased by Lita. Fun!!


Riley and Cooper are negotiating who gets the stick while Lita and I watch.


Cooper doesn’t want to share the stick so I’m running back to play with Lita and Riley.


Enough talking. Somebody chase me!!!!!


This is my other new friend Patrick. He LOVED chasing me the entire time. I ran and I ran and I ran until I was exhausted.


Riley joined us too. She’s waaaay in the back.


She caught up to us! Wow she’s fast!

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s 2014 already!  Time flies when you’re having fun. 😀

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  Here are a few Christmas pictures I took with Lita that I wanted to share. She borrowed my Santa outfit (reverses to an Elf outfit) while I wore my Christmas sweater.  We look festive, don’t we?! 😉

~ Luke

12.25 (14)12.25 (15)12.25 (4)12.25 (33)002003

Quiet afternoon at the vineyard

I spent a beautiful Monday afternoon at Barrel Oak Winery with Lita.  We had our fun at the dog park earlier that morning so it was Aunt Kwyn and Cousin Amy’s turn to have fun at the vineyard.

The winery is very dog friendly…we were allowed to hang out with humans inside the tasting room.  There was a huge fireplace with crackling wood that reminded me of camping.  After the wine tasting was over, we sat outside and had a picnic.  It was an awesome day!

~ Luke

10.28 (26)

Lita and I are intently looking at people walking through the door.

10.28 (34)

It was a gorgeous autumn day…not too hot, not too cold. Just right! 😀

10.28 (32)

Forget the wine. Where’s the food?!

New Dog Park!!!!!!!

Lita invited me to go to a dog park she recently discovered in Vint Hill, Virginia.  It’s gorgeous!!!!  We were smack dab in the middle of horse country.  There were real trees and grass there.  We played with a yellow lab until we were pooped out.  Then we went to a dog friendly vineyard…but that’s another blog. 😀

~ Luke

10.28 (2)

There are soooooo many toys here! I’m gonna get this one and this one and this one…uh ADD kicks in.

10.28 (4)

Let’s play tug o war!!!!!

10.28 (12)

I’m so small in comparison to this tree in the background.

10.28 (14)

Lita and I smell something!!!!!

10.28 (17)

It’s time to hippity hop some more!

10.28 (19)

Tag…you’re it!


Dinner by the water

Kentmorr Restaurant is a seafood place in Stevensville, Maryland, about 15 minutes from Matapeake Beach.  We specifically chose this place because they are dog friendly.  To our surprise, the food was good!  We will definitely come back here the next time we visit the dog beach. ~ Luke

7.6.13 061

The restaurant has a private beach in the back, with a tiki bar and live music…it’s a great place to watch the sunset. No dogs allowed but that’s okay.

7.6.13 057

Lita found a nook to relax and patiently wait for food.

7.6.13 105


7.6.13 093

Lita says it’s my turn to get some yummy!

7.6.13 106

Lita’s attempt at a photobomb! 😀

7.6.13 053

This is our view from the table.

More pics from the beach

7.6.13 019

This chihuahua was a good swimmer.  The water was too choppy for him so he tired out really quick.

7.6.13 039

I wanted to play fetch with this golden lab but he was in his own world.

7.6.13 032

Lita chilled in the shade…

7.6.13 031

…while I got a tan.

7.6.13 052

A little spa treatment to exfoliate the skin with sand.

7.6.13 068

Let’s rinse it off with fresh water and head to dinner!

Sizzling at the dog beach

It’s been hot in the Washington D.C. area.  The temperature has been averaging 95 degrees Fahrenheit, with a heat index of over 100 degrees this past week.  So heading to the beach was an awesome way to cool off!

Unfortunately, our patience was tested as we sat in the car, stuck in traffic.  It took one hour to drive 5 miles from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Toll Plaza to Kent Island…ARGH!!!!!!!!!  Thank goodness we weren’t heading to the Delaware beaches or Ocean City, Maryland, because it would have been a longer ride.

However, the wait was worth it!  Matapeake Beach was awesome!  We set up our beach towels and picnic blanket near the shade by the trees so Lita and I could cool down away from the sun.

The water was warm but it was also deeper and choppier than the last time we went.  I wore my Big Eddy Float Coat the entire time and showed everyone my swimming abilities.  I swam and swam and swam and swam!  I even dunked my head in the water several times in order to retrieve my tennis ball and frisbee.

We stayed for more than 2 hours before heading to a seafood restaurant for dinner.  Lots of pics were taken so I’ll share them in future blogs.  I hope everyone is staying cool!

~ Luke

7.6.13 005

The water was deep.  I was doggy paddling until my feet could touch the ground.

7.6.13 006

Then I hippity hopped back onto shore.

7.6.13 004

Only to repeat another game of fetch.

7.6.13 085

Lita did not want to play in the water because the waves were too choppy for her comfort.

7.6.13 079

She begrudgingly got in the water because her mommy wanted to cool her down so she wouldn’t overheat.

Terrapin Nature Preserve

Back in May, my friends and I visited Terrapin Nature Preserve in Stevensville, Maryland.  It was our first stop before Matapeake Beach, so technically speaking, this was my first beach combing experience. This beach is on the north side of Kent Island while Matapeake Beach is on the west side, about 15 minutes away.

The tiny beach was crowded with people and dogs had to be leashed.  Our leashes  got really tangled so we couldn’t play like we wanted to.  It wasn’t a nice and peaceful environment so we stayed for 15 minutes before leaving.

Although our stay was short, we took some pics so I thought I’d share it with everyone.  Some fun in the water is better than no water at all, right?! 😀 ~ Luke


This is where I proved that I was really a labrador!


I’m giving Riley a stare down before we play.


Tug-a-war!  Tug-a-war!

5.27.13 011

Lita got in on the action too!


We kept getting tangled up!

5.27.13 003

I’m playing fetch with Riley one last time before we go.  (That’s the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the background).


Let me shake off the sand then onward to our next destination!



My early bday present

Guess what everyone?!  My first birthday is in 3 days!!!!  That didn’t stop me from receiving a really cool early birthday present on Memorial Day…a Ruffwear Big Eddy Float Coat!  Although the water at Matapeake Beach was mostly too shallow for a life jacket, I was very comfortable playing with it on.  That’s good to know because the next time I go somewhere with deep water, I will make sure I’m wearing my sporty red life jacket.  I really like the design of the Big Eddy because it fits securely on me yet allows freedom to play around.

Here’s an interesting story.  My friend Riley knows how to swim but I haven’t really been tested yet.  At one point, she and I chased a ball thrown extremely far out into the Chesapeake Bay.  Thank goodness I still had on my life jacket because we were in deep water.  I would have freaked out without it!!!!!

However, since I was wearing my life jacket, I calmly swam back to more shallow water before I hippity hopped back onto shore.  I felt so safe with my life jacket that I chased another ball waaaay out there in the deep water!  Awesome, yeah?! ~ Luke


The Ruffwear Big Eddy Float Coat and Frisbee were my early birthday presents.


As usual, I look good in red.


It doesn’t hinder my movement while I’m clowning around with Riley…


…or teasing Lita that she doesn’t like water.


I dared Lita to go into the water and fetch the ball. She did!!!  Unfortunately she got water up her nose and felt sick for a little bit.


Before I could get to the ball, Riley took it!!

5.27.13 048

Lita was such a trooper!  After she felt better, she went back into the water to play some more.

5.27.13 050

Lita was a smart girl.  She wanted no part of fetching the ball in the water.  She said water up her nose did not feel good.

5.27.13 051

Lita let Riley and me do all the fetching.


Look!  I’m swimming!!!!   I’m really far out there with Riley.

More pics from the beach

PIC 020

That was refreshing!

PIC 021

Whatcha got there?

PIC 016

Is that a stick in your hand?!?!?!?!

5.27.13 018

Must fetch!!!!!!!

5.27.13 019

I got it!   I got it!  I got it!

5.27.13 020

Ha ha!  You’re too slow Riley!   I got it!!!!!

5.27.13 022

Mine, mine, mine!!!!


Darn!  Riley fetched the ball while I was distracted playing with Lita!

Staycation Day 4

May 27, 2013, Memorial Day, was the most fun I’ve ever had in my young life…and I’ve had MANY adventures already.  I went to the beach for the first time!!!!!!!!

Mommy, Aunt Kwyn, Cousin Amy, Cousin Dave, Lita, Riley’s mommy Kellie, and Riley went too.  We went to Matapeake State Park, which has an off leash dog park at the end of the beach.  It’s on Kent Island by the Bay Bridge in Maryland, about 1.5 hours from my house.

We had so much fun playing in the Chesapeake Bay as well as running around the beach.  At first, Lita, Riley and I had the beach all to ourselves.  Later that afternoon, more dogs showed up and we had a blast playing with them.

Soooo many pics were taken, I decided to split them up into separate blogs.  Enjoy!  I know I did! 😀 ~ Luke


I LOVE fetching sticks!


Riley does too.

5.27.13 029

I was able to fetch this stick before Riley.


Lita is watching us play in the water.


I hippity hop like a rabbit as I run to shore.


Look!  A flying fish! 😉


Riley and Lita playing on the beach.

5.27.13 037

I’m the monkey in the middle.

Staycation Day 3

On Sunday, Lita, mommy Jenny, Aunt Kwyn, Cousin Amy and I went vineyard hopping in Middleburg, VA.  It was a nice spring day, not too hot and not too cool, so we spent the entire day outside.  It was awesome!

The first vineyard we visited recently opened in the fall.  None of us had been there before so it was a huge gamble.  There was live music outside on the patio to keep Aunt Kwyn entertained as she stayed with Lita and me.  Mommy and Cousin Amy (Aunt Kwyn’s guinea pigs) went inside for a wine tasting and came out 15 minutes later…empty handed.  Uh oh.  That meant the wines were not good so we moved on.

Good thing we had a backup plan because Chrysalis Vineyards was right around the corner.  We spent a couple of hours having a picnic there.  Lita and I ate dog treats and the occasional human cracker.  I also chomped away on fresh strawberries.  They were yummy sweet!  Lita, who doesn’t normally eat fruits,  finally succumbed and ate one too.  I heard the strawberries were delicious paired with the Sarah’s Patio White wine.

Our last stop of the day was Barrel Oak Winery.  There were tons of people having a picnic, it felt like the beach sans water.  Just about everyone had a child or a dog with them.  Aunt Kim felt well enough to join us so she met us there.  Reportedly, the Reserve Petit Verdot and Chardonnay were yummy!

The vineyard didn’t close until 8:30p so we stayed for dinner and to watch the sunset.  There was a vendor that sold brick oven pizzas so I had my share of yummy pizza crust.  Lita and I also received a dog biscuit from the winery staff…and I stole a biscuit from a dog next to us who didn’t want his.  Hee hee.

It was an awesome Sunday and I couldn’t imagine anything topping it off.  However, I knew we had BIG plans for Memorial Day Monday…going to the beach!!!!!!  Stay tuned! ~ Luke

5.26.13 004

The first vineyard on our stop.  Lita and I are patiently waiting for our mommies to return from wine tasting.  The music was jammin’.

5.26.13 024

Off to Chrysalis Vineyards!  Lita photobombed this pic.  Haha.

5.26.13 020

I wanted to run over to the people next to us playing the bean bag toss game.  Darn leash!

5.26.13 017

Lita and I patiently waited under the picnic table for some treats.

5.26.13 016

We passed the time by playing.

5.26.13 036

Last stop, Barrel Oak Winery! We set up our picnic blanket on top of the hill.

5.26.13 028

Look how crowded it is!

5.26.13 037

The view from their patio.

5.26.13 041

Sunset so it’s time to go home.

Staycation Day 2

After an energy packed Friday, I was plum tuckered out on Saturday.  However, it didn’t stop me from visiting Lita for most of the morning.  We wrestled and played tug-o-war with her toys.  I’m happy to report no toys were destroyed by moi during this play date! 😀

I was TIRED but I jumped at the opportunity to go to the dog park later that afternoon.  I didn’t have my normal Speedy Gonzales energy so we didn’t stay too long.  I had fun but the dogs that afternoon were a little rough so we called it a day.

We came home just in time for dinner.  After I ate, I was zonked out for the rest of the night.  I knew we were planning on an action packed Sunday visiting vineyards so I got in my beauty rest…somebody has to be the designated driver. 😉 ~ Luke

5.25.13 001

Lita is about 15 pounds heavier than me but it doesn’t stop me from wrestling with her.




Time out!  I need to get a better grip before the next round.

5.25.13 004

Hi!  My name is Luke.  I’ve never seen you guys here before.  You wanna play?

5.25.13 003

Let me be submissive first then tempt you with a game of  “chase Lukey” next.

Oh man, not another one

I spent most of Sunday at Lita’s house wrecking havoc during a big family party.  Lita and I couldn’t run around because too many people were there.  Instead, we wrestled and played tug-o-war with her toys.

Which leads me to…RIP Purple Monkey.  It was the Christmas present I gave Lita…and her favorite toy.  I asked mommy to buy Lita some new toys to replace all the ones we destroyed.

Next time I come over, I’ll bring some stuffed animals and my tug-o-war rope so Lita and I can really get at it. ~ Luke

4.21.13 007

4.21.13 003

Bull Run Mountain Part 2

Our goal was accomplished when we made it to High Point Overlook!  We saw lots of farm land and the Blue Ridge Mountains down yonder.  Riley, Lita and I patiently waited as the rest of our pack ogled the view and took a million pics of themselves doing silly poses.  I must admit I was a little intimidated when mommy and I posed for pics by the edge of the rocks.  It was a straight drop down, full of big rocks and trees!

We had an easy hike down the mountain and back to our cars before heading our separate ways.  I still had tons of energy and wanted to play with Lita and Riley but they had to go.  Mommy, Aunt Kwyn, Aunt Laura and I remained so we could explore the historical ruins of Chapman’s Beverly Mill (www.chapmansmill.org).  All in all, it was a fantastic Sunday!

The good news is, Bull Run Mountain is literally 15 minutes from my house.  We’ll definitely do this hike often…especially since two dog friendly vineyards, LaGrange Winery and Pearmund Cellars, are right around the corner (incentive for wine drinkers to hike and drink afterward).

Until next time! ~ Luke

4.7.13 072

Make sure you hold my leash tight, okay?

4.7.13 024

Hurry and take the pic!

4.7.13 070

This is more to my liking…chewing on a stick!

4.7.13 027

View from High Point Overlook

4.7.13 037

There were vultures flying around

4.7.13 052

Chapman’s Beverly Mill

4.7.13 056

View of scaffolding

4.7.13 054

View of machinery

4.7.13 053

Beverly Mills Store

4.7.13 049

Nope!  Not jumping into the Broad Run River without a floatation device.

4.7.13 081

I’ll just do what I’m good at…chomping on a stick.

4.7.13 059

I’m not tired.  I’m just resting my eyes on the ride home.

Bull Run Mountain Part 1

Lita, Riley and I hiked Bull Run Mountain on Sunday.  We were a big pack…mommy Jenny, Aunt Kwyn (my ghostwriter), Aunt Laura (mommy’s best friend), Cousin Dave (Lita’s poppa) and Kellie (Riley’s mommy) joined us.  It was quite a journey with a couple of steep inclines up a rocky path.  We hiked about 2.5 miles up to the overlook then back down for a total of about 5 miles.

I HAD TO BE THE LEADER so Aunt Laura ran with me ahead of everyone, only to stop when I couldn’t see mommy anymore.  Then we ran back to everyone so I could make sure the rest of the pack was safe.  So Aunt Laura and I probably did a 6 mile hike.  Thanks Aunt Laura!  You rock! 😀

We saw a stream along the trail so Riley was excited to see water.  She jumped in immediately.  Since Riley jumped into the water, I followed her, because you know, monkey see, monkey do.  Lita didn’t want anything to do with getting wet so she watched us from dry land.  It was a nice cool dip in the water to begin our journey.

This is the end of Part 1 of my blog.  Stay tuned for Part 2.  Enjoy the pics! ~ Luke

4.7.13 005

Let’s get our feet wet before we dive in, okay?

4.7.13 010

Lita says, “This is as far as I go. Continue on, you crazy wet labs!”

4.7.13 007

Holy Cow!!!  Riley, why didn’t you tell me the water was deep?!

4.7.13 008

Oh my gosh.  Oh my gosh.  Oh my gosh.  Land!!!!

4.7.13 013

Where are you going Riley?!

4.7.13 014

I think we should join Lita back on land.