Everyday is my birthday

…but today really is my birthday!  I’m officially 2 years old.  Hard to believe how quickly time flies.

Today is also Father’s Day.  So just like last year, grandpa will share his day with me.  We’re having a family dinner tonight.  While everyone is busy prepping, I will lurk around the kitchen waiting for food to fall on the floor.  Maybe if I look extra cute, I will get scraps to eat too! 😀

Hopefully there will be cute birthday pics of moi to share later this week.  In the mean time, these pics below represent a typical day of Luke’s Adventures!


6.14 (1)

Playing at the dog park before it gets too hot outside.

6.14 (3)

Waiting my turn to taste a healthy organic green smoothie. This one has kale, spinach, banana, apple, orange and hemp protein powder.

6.14 (4)

I always lick the glass clean.  Absolutely delicious!

6.14 (5)

Trying to get to the goodies inside this treat. Honest Kitchen turkey happens to be the filling today.

6.14 (2)

Play play play with my toys before falling asleep.


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