That was a lot of snow!

We’re thawing out in the DC area after last week’s 10 inches of snow.  The temperature is supposed to be in the 50s this week so all the snow will melt soon.  😦

I made my slave (I mean aunt) take tons of pictures of me playing in the snow so the next couple of blogs will probably be snow heavy. 😀

This was the most snow I have ever seen in my life.  It was definitely useful hippity hopping along like a bunny rabbit.  Until next time!

~ Luke




2.13 (7)

At first, I was intimidated by how much snow was on the ground.

2.13 (8)

I slowly walked outside, checking out my surroundings.

2.13 (9)

Whew! This is hard work walking in deep snow.

2.13 (10)

Let me take a closer look to make sure it’s not cement.

2.13 (13)

Wow, my legs are getting a workout.

2.13 (15)

Wow! It’s getting deeper the further I walk away from the house.

2.13 (16)

Time to hippity hop back home!

2.13 (17)

Wheeee! This is fun!



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