Chillin’ with my friends

Hi everybody!

The polar vortex that blasted Washington D.C. has lifted.  The temperature was almost 50 degrees today.  I’ve been going stir crazy so I was excited for a car ride to Lita’s house.

To my surprise, my friend Riley was over Lita’s house too!  I haven’t seen Riley since we went to the beach last summer so it was great seeing her again.  Better yet, we all went to the dog park!!!!!!!!!!

We played with a few friends until we were pooped out.  I was covered in mud from head to toe which meant I needed a bath when we got home.  It was well worth it though!  I got to play with Lita and Riley, go to the dog park, and meet up with more new friends.  So all in all, I’d trade today’s adventures for a bath any day! 😉

~ Luke


I’m being chased by Cooper, who is being chased by Lita. Fun!!


Riley and Cooper are negotiating who gets the stick while Lita and I watch.


Cooper doesn’t want to share the stick so I’m running back to play with Lita and Riley.


Enough talking. Somebody chase me!!!!!


This is my other new friend Patrick. He LOVED chasing me the entire time. I ran and I ran and I ran until I was exhausted.


Riley joined us too. She’s waaaay in the back.


She caught up to us! Wow she’s fast!


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  1. we were able to play outside yesterday here in Michigan but the snow is coming again we can get any where from 3-5 inches. As long as the temps stay in the 20’s mom will come play out side. Dad does short journeys out with us

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