Lukie’s update

Howdy everybody!

It’s been an eventful summer.  Grandma and grandpa are settling into their new home.  There’s a huge stretch of grass by the woods in front of their house and I LOVE walking around and smelling new scents.

Mommy and I are moving into our place next week.  Mommy’s new house mates really seem to like me so I’m sure I will be spoiled rotten.

This past weekend was mommy and cousin Amy’s birthday celebration extravaganza.  Tons of their friends and family showed up and we partied until the wee hours of the morning.  I had so much fun!  Although it wasn’t even my birthday, I received a couple of presents too!!! 😀

I basically didn’t sleep a wink on Saturday so I made up for it on Sunday.  These pictures will show you how exhausted I was from all that partying.  Until next time!  ~ Luke


Hurry up and take the picture!   I’m getting sleepy.


I’m trying to keep my eyes open a little longer.


Eyelids getting too heavy.


Out like a light.


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