For me?!

I’ve had plenty of goodies arrive in the mail before but this was the first time a package was addressed to me!!!  Aunt Laura sent me a birthday present.  Unfortunately, it was too tight and mommy had to return it back.  But I did pose for some pics in my birthday shirt. ~ Luke

6.18.13 001

To my surprise, this box was addressed to me!!!

6.18.13 009

I love boxes because I get to shred them after goodies are taken out.  This is the present that I received…a birthday boy shirt.

6.18.13 011

Unfortunately, it’s EXTREMELY tight.

6.18.13 016

I’m “hiding” because I don’t want my present taken away!


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  1. OMG so funny! I bet you had a tough time getting that shirt off of Luke after his photo session. Lucy has gotten to some boxes before we did and I found cardboard shreds all over the yard.

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