More pics from the beach

PIC 020

That was refreshing!

PIC 021

Whatcha got there?

PIC 016

Is that a stick in your hand?!?!?!?!

5.27.13 018

Must fetch!!!!!!!

5.27.13 019

I got it!   I got it!  I got it!

5.27.13 020

Ha ha!  You’re too slow Riley!   I got it!!!!!

5.27.13 022

Mine, mine, mine!!!!


Darn!  Riley fetched the ball while I was distracted playing with Lita!

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  1. Dear Luke,
    Samson and Snuggles say that they wish that they could come play on the beach w/ you and Riley. Well…Snuggles (some sort of husky/Jack R mix) doesn’t actually want to get into the water, but Samson (black lab mix) does!

  2. Lovely photos 🙂 it’s fun to watch a story in pictures like this one 🙂 and thanks for liking our blog 🙂 if we are on the same continent one day we will definately try to play in the sea with you. Love, Fred&Aya

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