Staycation Day 4

May 27, 2013, Memorial Day, was the most fun I’ve ever had in my young life…and I’ve had MANY adventures already.  I went to the beach for the first time!!!!!!!!

Mommy, Aunt Kwyn, Cousin Amy, Cousin Dave, Lita, Riley’s mommy Kellie, and Riley went too.  We went to Matapeake State Park, which has an off leash dog park at the end of the beach.  It’s on Kent Island by the Bay Bridge in Maryland, about 1.5 hours from my house.

We had so much fun playing in the Chesapeake Bay as well as running around the beach.  At first, Lita, Riley and I had the beach all to ourselves.  Later that afternoon, more dogs showed up and we had a blast playing with them.

Soooo many pics were taken, I decided to split them up into separate blogs.  Enjoy!  I know I did! 😀 ~ Luke


I LOVE fetching sticks!


Riley does too.

5.27.13 029

I was able to fetch this stick before Riley.


Lita is watching us play in the water.


I hippity hop like a rabbit as I run to shore.


Look!  A flying fish! 😉


Riley and Lita playing on the beach.

5.27.13 037

I’m the monkey in the middle.

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  1. Great pictures! I look forward to more.

    On Sunday Samwise, my lab shepherd mix, got to go to the lake and swim. Apparently he’s usually too smart to do tricks unless he’s rewarded (that is the shepherd part including the lab) and so will never bring the ball back unless he gets a treat at the dog park. But when we go to the lake he will fetch forever for nothing.

    Lab + Beach-Water = Beautiful happiness :-):-)

  2. Love this! Our sweet Lucy loves to splash in the river near our house and we wonder if she’d like the beach. Alas, she gets carsick if she’s in the car for more than a 1/2 hour so I don’t think we’ll be taking her down to MD to visit my family (a 3 hour car ride from my house) any time soon! 🙂

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