Staycation Day 2

After an energy packed Friday, I was plum tuckered out on Saturday.  However, it didn’t stop me from visiting Lita for most of the morning.  We wrestled and played tug-o-war with her toys.  I’m happy to report no toys were destroyed by moi during this play date! 😀

I was TIRED but I jumped at the opportunity to go to the dog park later that afternoon.  I didn’t have my normal Speedy Gonzales energy so we didn’t stay too long.  I had fun but the dogs that afternoon were a little rough so we called it a day.

We came home just in time for dinner.  After I ate, I was zonked out for the rest of the night.  I knew we were planning on an action packed Sunday visiting vineyards so I got in my beauty rest…somebody has to be the designated driver. 😉 ~ Luke

5.25.13 001

Lita is about 15 pounds heavier than me but it doesn’t stop me from wrestling with her.




Time out!  I need to get a better grip before the next round.

5.25.13 004

Hi!  My name is Luke.  I’ve never seen you guys here before.  You wanna play?

5.25.13 003

Let me be submissive first then tempt you with a game of  “chase Lukey” next.


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  1. Mama/Auntie Lita will never submit to Lukey….. hahaha.. she may be bigger and older, but she will never lose her edge.. 🙂

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