Bull Run Mountain Part 2

Our goal was accomplished when we made it to High Point Overlook!  We saw lots of farm land and the Blue Ridge Mountains down yonder.  Riley, Lita and I patiently waited as the rest of our pack ogled the view and took a million pics of themselves doing silly poses.  I must admit I was a little intimidated when mommy and I posed for pics by the edge of the rocks.  It was a straight drop down, full of big rocks and trees!

We had an easy hike down the mountain and back to our cars before heading our separate ways.  I still had tons of energy and wanted to play with Lita and Riley but they had to go.  Mommy, Aunt Kwyn, Aunt Laura and I remained so we could explore the historical ruins of Chapman’s Beverly Mill (www.chapmansmill.org).  All in all, it was a fantastic Sunday!

The good news is, Bull Run Mountain is literally 15 minutes from my house.  We’ll definitely do this hike often…especially since two dog friendly vineyards, LaGrange Winery and Pearmund Cellars, are right around the corner (incentive for wine drinkers to hike and drink afterward).

Until next time! ~ Luke

4.7.13 072

Make sure you hold my leash tight, okay?

4.7.13 024

Hurry and take the pic!

4.7.13 070

This is more to my liking…chewing on a stick!

4.7.13 027

View from High Point Overlook

4.7.13 037

There were vultures flying around

4.7.13 052

Chapman’s Beverly Mill

4.7.13 056

View of scaffolding

4.7.13 054

View of machinery

4.7.13 053

Beverly Mills Store

4.7.13 049

Nope!  Not jumping into the Broad Run River without a floatation device.

4.7.13 081

I’ll just do what I’m good at…chomping on a stick.

4.7.13 059

I’m not tired.  I’m just resting my eyes on the ride home.


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