Dog Park Part Deux

Hi everybody!

It’s snowing outside but not the light and fluffy kind I like.  It’s heavy and wet so everything is muddy.  So no playing in the snow for me today.

Good thing I stopped by the dog park yesterday for some more fun and excitement.  I’m pooped out!

I met up with Lita and our new friend Riley.  Riley is a black lab so she and I got along instantly.  She’s going to teach me how to swim when the weather gets warmer.  I can’t wait!

As usual, Lita was my bodyguard and she was protective of me.  This is great because I have a tendency of getting into dog’s faces, not because I’m dominant but because I love to give kisses.  Some dogs don’t like this and they try to bite me.  That’s where big momma Lita comes in to keep the peace.

We had a great time playing outside even though it was cold and gloomy.  I wanted everyone to chase me so I zig zagged around the park like Speedy Gonzales…Andele!  Andele!  Arriba!  Arriba! ~ Luke


The three of us ready to fetch the ball.  Lita is in purple.  I’m in red.  Riley is in the metal stud collar.


I like being the monkey in the middle!


I’m goofing around with Lita.


I got Riley to chase me even though she’s the one with the ball in her mouth.


New dog!  New dog!


Another new dog!  May I give you a kiss?  Don’t bite me, okay?


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