Chillin’ at the dog park

Today was my first dog park experience.  It was a tiny enclosure but it was a clean fenced in area to play off leash with Lita.  A lady with a husky came by but they decided not to come in.  So Lita and I we were the only ones there.  That was fine by us.  Just meant more space for us to play chase!  I can’t wait to come back here again.  Maybe more dogs will show up when it’s warmer outside. ~ Luke


Come on Lita!  Let’s chase the ball!!!!!


If you don’t want it, I’ll fetch it.


You’re not even trying!


It’s mine, all mine!


Got it!

3.22.13 005

Go ahead and rest Lita.  I’ll chew on a stick until you’re ready to play again.



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