Lukie and the Chipmunk

I’d like to share with you a little story.  It’s called Lukie and the Chipmunk.

3.5.13 008

One day, little Lukie was bored out of his mind…

3.5.13 007

Then grandma came home and Lukie was a happy lil’ guy because she bought him a new chipmunk toy…

3.5.13 011

Lukie clung onto the chipmunk and said, “It’s mine, all mine!!!!!!!”…

3.5.13 005

Lukie wrestled with it…

3.5.13 006

And flung it around…

3.5.13 013

Afterwards, Lukie gave it a stare down before playing with it some more.

The End.

~ Luke

P.S. – I didn’t say it was a great story.  Just a story. 😉


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