Keeping busy

Hi everyone!

This time tomorrow, I will be playing in SNOW!!!  It sounds like we’re receiving anywhere between 5-10 inches.  I can’t wait!!

Since I have ADD and tomorrow is sooooo far away, new activities are constantly introduced to keep me out of trouble.  The latest is eating  green beans and baby carrots from a kong toy.  I like working for my food.  It keeps me on my toes!

Until next time!  ~ Luke

3.1.13 002

I smell green beans!!!!!!!

3.1.13 004

I’m gonna getcha…

3.1.13 006

So close yet so far away…

3.1.13 007

Haha! Come to me my pretty!

3.1.13 008

Crunchity crunchity crunchity crunch.


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