Saturday afternoon at Silver Lake

Howdy ya’ll.

It’s March and I’m still waiting for the first substantial snowfall this winter.  I went to Silver Lake yesterday and it was pretty quiet.  Just me and the geese.  I guess people don’t like being outside when it’s cold…and it was cold out.

Since I don’t have fingers, I’m crossing my eyes hoping for snow this week. 😀  The weather forecaster says the Washington DC area has a good chance of snow Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  We shall see.

Until next time! ~ Luke


Sniff sniff…I’m following a scent.


What’s that honking sound?!


Goose goose! Lots of ’em!!!!!!!


It’s time to walk the trail.


Flaps up…jumbo jet Luke ready for take off!


What a BIG branch.  I wonder if I can put it in my mouth.


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