I’m baaaccckkkk!!!!

2.3.13 002

Being away from my blog made me a grumpy old man.

Hi everyone!

Vacation hiatus is over.  Welcome back to a new episode of Luke’s Adventures.

In the past couple weeks while my ghost writer was away, I visited Lita, played fetch outside, celebrated the Superbowl with a peanut butter cookie, and kept myself entertained by destroying 3 pairs of shoes.  I’m still waiting for that elusive first real snow fall of the year though.  Until next time! ~ Luke


We’re patiently waiting for our Scooby snacks. Hurry up and take the picture already!


It’s Lita’s toy frog but I’m a brat so it’s MINE!!!!!

2.3.13 007

Where’s Lukie?!

2.3.13 003

Preparing for the Superbowl with a little game of fetch.

2.3.13 008

Peanut butter football cookie…yum!






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