7 months old, baby!

Hi everyone!

Here is an update on yours truly. 🙂  I am 7 months old and weigh 50 pounds.  I am the perfect sized dog, big enough to wrestle with and small enough to cuddle on the couch with.  Those days of making oopsies in the house are long gone but I do have a tendency of digging in the waste basket to shred paper.

I am still co-dependent but I can keep myself busy playing with all my toys.  I do this adorable baby whimper/happy cry when family comes home.  I usually bring a toy…ummm…shoe, to said family member as I whimper.  Sometimes I change it up and lay on my back while whimpering.  I like to keep them on their toes!

Everyone says I don’t have a mean bone in my body.  I’ve been called lover boy many times.  What can I say, I LOVE to give kisses.

However, I am a very good judge of character and will growl at nefarious people.  I am becoming a very good guard dog.  I protect the house from items blowing in the wind…oh, and unwanted visitors too. 😉

I am one of those weird dogs who loves crispy green beans (quickly blanched).  I will give paw to shake hands over and over again for a green bean!  I also love homemade dehydrated sweet potato chews…they just take forever to make though!  When I see someone peeling a banana, I expect to take the first bite and the last bite.  No joke.

Don’t let my favorite healthy treats fool you.  They are given to keep me svelte because I am a chowhound!!!!  I will eat anything…anywhere…anytime!!!!  If you leave food on the kitchen counter, consider it safe in my tummy.

My ghostwriter notified me that she will be out of town next week so I won’t post a blog for a while.  In the mean time, I’d like to share pics of a typical week of Luke’s adventures.  Until next time! ~ Luke


Play date with Harper, a labradoodle.  He’s a couple months older than me but we’re the same size.  We had so much fun chasing each other around the house and wrecking havoc!

1.4.13 003

Modeling my new waterproof winter coat.  It hasn’t snowed since I received this but it’s kept me dry on many walks in the rain.

1.4.13 008

Chillin’ in the backyard with the new tie out I received for Christmas.  Thanks Dr. K!

1.6.12 004

Nervously biting nails when RG3 injured his knee during the Redskins first playoff game in a million years.  Unfortunately, they lost the game. 😦

1.12.13 001

Leading the way during a hike in the woods.  I’m a great leader!  We haven’t gotten lost yet!


Giving Lita kisses every time I see her.


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  1. Wooohoooo Luke happy 7 month old to you, time flies eh 😀
    Loved ur pics, n will b waiting for ur ghostwriter to return so i can read more of ur posts 😀
    Love ya lover boy n take good care of ur self

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