The moment of truth finally arrived on December 26th.  After a month of sneaking under the Christmas tree and ripping up little holes to see what was hiding underneath wrapping paper, I was able to open up all my presents!

To be honest, I’m not sure what was more fun, ripping up paper or receiving presents.  Regardless, it was sooooo much fun!  The best part of all was having Lita over to help!!!!

~ Luke


A long rope to play tug a war!!!


Hide-a-squirrel and IQube.  Lita and I figured out how to take the squirrels out right away.  It was more challenging taking the balls out of the IQube.


Let me multi-task and do both at the same time!


Ooh! What’s that?!


My recycled toy!  I love how the plastic bottle makes crunchy noises when I bite the elephant.


I’ll share one of my new toys with Lita…for now!


What’s that jingley noise?! I LOVE cat ball!!!!!!!


Look at all these toys and yummy treats I received!


If you want the lobster then you have to chase me.  Come on Lita!


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