Trouble is as trouble does


Look up “mischievous hijinks” in the dictionary and this face will appear.

Hi everyone!

Did you have a nice holiday?!  I sure did!!!  It flurried the day before Christmas.  Every time a snowflake fell on my face, I tried to lick it off.  I even tried to chase them.


Snowflakes melt too quick!  It feels like rain on my face.


Licking snow is fun!


Okay, I’m getting cold.  Let’s go inside.

I  spent the rest of Christmas Eve at MOG’s (my other grandma) and didn’t sleep a wink…neither did she or anyone else in the house. 😉

There were too many things going on!  MOG is a great cook and the smells coming from the kitchen were DELICIOUS!  Since she was busy cooking and decorating the tree, no one exercised the poor kitties.  So in the spirit of giving, I volunteered to chase them around the house ALL NIGHT LONG.  😀

I’ve had an eventful holiday week so I’ll post another blog real soon!  Until next time. ~ Luke


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  1. So glad u had a good Christmas n an amazing holiday week Luke, hope u have a lovely new years, i wont b around so wishing u in advance 🙂
    have a greatttttttttttttttttt new year 😀

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