Hundreds were taken, few were chosen

Hi everyone!

The holiday season is at its peak and everyone is running around buying presents for ME!!!

I will share some of my “best of” holiday photos later this week.  To start things off, I decided to reveal the underbelly of the modeling world.  Here are some behind the scene pics to obtain said “best of” pics from me.

Modeling is tough work…especially when you have ADD.  Just like Washington D.C. politics, nothing gets done unless bribery and extortion are involved. 😉 ~ Luke


Quid pro quo is my motto.  Give me treats and I will give you cute pics of me.


Temper tantrum alert:  I’ll come out from under the table only if you feed me treats!!!


I love crispy green beans (slightly blanched)!!!!!!!!!!


Break time!  Strip me naked of clothing and let me chew on this stick.


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