My jewels were taken

Yes.  It’s true.  My boys are gone.   I was neutered yesterday.  😦

While I was under general anesthesia, I was microchipped as well.  I know mommy loves me and everything was done for my best interest.  A little ouchie now is better than a lot of ouchie later.  I keep telling myself it’s just a bee sting, albeit a BIG bee.  I’m a big boy now so I just gotta grin and bear it.

I’m recuperating quite well.  When the anesthesia wore off last night, I was back to my normal rambunctious self.  I had to be contained and restrained from rough housing, jumping on the sofa and running.  What can I say…I’m strong like bull.  😀

Have a great weekend! ~ Luke

12.6.12 001

This is me being picked up after post-op.  My eyes are blood shot, I’m drugged and sore.  I slept the entire ride home.

12.6.12 002

When we arrived home, I walked around the house to check on my toys.  Then I plopped into my new bed.  I had enough energy to wag my tail before going back to sleep.

12.6.12 004

Although I was zonked out, I managed to wag my tail every few minutes.  I was asleep for 2 whole hours.  Outside of night time, this NEVER happens!

12.6.12 005

The vet didn’t think I would have an appetite to eat the same day. Wrong!  My stomach was empty and it needed to be filled.  No adverse affects either.


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  1. Awwwww Luke, ur such a strong boy, its ok love, yes mommy has ur best interest in mind 🙂
    btw ur new bed luks sooo comfy, i instantly felt as if am sleepy when i saw ur bed 😀
    enjoy it lil one

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