I’ve been schooled


To date, my friends Nanuk and Lita have been great teachers.  I learned a lot of proper doggie etiquette from them.  There are certain things about doggie behavior that are easier learned through interacting with other dogs than with humans.  For instance, I sort of invade personal space and play too rough.  I like to get into everyone’s faces.  Due to my excitement, sometimes I accidentally scratch a face/neck with my nails or teeth…or headbutt someone and bust their lips. 😦

I’m definitely more mature now compared to when I was a wee lad.  I know that I need to tone it down when I’m being ignored by people because I’m too hyper or when I’m playing too rough.  I’m beginning to understand “gentle” as well.  I’ll be much better when I go to obedience school.

Until then, I’m being schooled by Nanuk and Lita.  My first doggie lesson in invading personal space was quite harsh.  A couple months ago, I learned really quickly not to get too close to Nanuk’s sharp teeth when he’s eating a treat.  I ended up with a little scratch on my face when he told me that I was violating his personal space.  I learned to NEVER do that again!

I’m afraid of his teeth but we’re friends and we play every time I come over to MOG’s.  Nanuk doesn’t like to rough house with me but we always have fun.  I admit that he picked up some hijinks-like behavior from me and has started chasing the cats around.  Oopsie!

Here we are playing tug-o-war over the weekend.  The pictures are a little blurry because I underestimated Nanuk’s strength and got pulled along.

Geez Nanuk!  For a little guy, you sure are strong!

Maybe if I stick my butt up in the air, it will distract Nanuk and I can pull him towards me.

As for Lita, she has corrected me MANY times when I get all up in her grill.  She actually has a lot of patience and shows great restraint when I’m rambunctious.  When I over step my boundaries, Lita growls and snips at me.  She corrects me with a bite to the neck.  It’s enough of a warning to let me know to stop, but she’s really gentle in reprimanding me.  She has never hurt me before.  I call her my gentle giant. 😀

Here we are playing in her backyard over the weekend.  It’s nice to be able to play rough with a big dog who is gentle.  For the first time ever, a game of chase the momma was captured on film.  Enjoy!  ~ Luke

Sing with us…99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. You take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall.

It’s time to play chase the momma!!

For an old lady, you sure are fast!


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