Put your tail in the air

…wag it around like you just don’t care.  Wag to the people as they stop to look and stare (sing it to the tune of ‘Word Up’ by Cameo).

Come on everybody, wag your tails!  Celebrate with me.  I’m officially 5 months old today! 😀

What’s another awesome way to celebrate, you ask?!  By playing outside!!!!!  The leaves on the ground are so crunchy this week!  I love chewing on them and hearing the crispy crunchy noise.  They’re irresistible!

I always take advantage of the warm sun in the crisp autumn air by playing outside as much as possible.  The sun sets around 5pm so it doesn’t give me a lot of time to play outdoors like summer time.  Therefore, I must maximize my fun time.  This being said, sorry…gotta go!  ~Luke

What do I want to do?  Let me ponder this thought.

Cruunchhh.  Cruunchhh.  Crispity crunchity goodness in my mouth!  Crispy leaves are yummy.  They remind me of kale chips.

Appetizer is done.  Now it’s time for my most favorite entrée.  Sticks!  I love sticks!!!!!

What’s for dessert?  Grass!  Yum-o-licious!!!!

Okay.  Let me think.  Is there anything else I want to chew on?  Oh, what’s that?!


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