More friends at the farm

Howdy all!

Monday was Veteran’s Day so it was a holiday.  I spent the whole day at MOG’s with mommy and poppa Josh.  It was a beautiful day so I ran around saying hello to all my old friends and met some new ones too.

Hello.  Is anyone home?!

Howdy Mr. and Mrs. Turkey.  Wazzup Mr. Peacock.

Hey there Ms. Hen.  Where are the rest of the ladies?

I saw my first moo moo cow cow.  They were very nice but intimidating because their size.  I was scared of them so I didn’t get too close.  I hid behind mommy for safety.

No mommy!  I’m not getting any closer.  You have to take my picture from here.

I saw goats for the first time too!  They don’t like dogs so they usually stay up on the hill.  It must have been a special day because they came down to say hello and wanted to play with me.  They were closer to my size so I wasn’t afraid of them.  I wanted to play chase with them but mommy and Josh said it wasn’t a good idea.  So we played with the fence between us.

How you doin’?  I like your goatees!  I wonder if I could grow one.

This black goat was especially friendly and we played pseudo-chase behind the fence.

I had tons of fun exploring more nooks and crannies at the farm and meeting new friends.  It’s always an adventure.  Until next time! ~Luke


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