Backyard fun with Lita

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Since I had so much fun with Lita last Thursday, I came back on Saturday so we could play outside some more.  This time, I brought along my harness so I don’t injure my neck and spine.  I’m a wild beast when I play!

I wish we had a fenced in yard so we could really play without our leashes getting in the way.  We had fun nonetheless.  Enjoy the pictures! ~ Luke

Ready or not, here I come!!!!!!!

Crazy Lukie is gonna getcha!

Argh! You tagged me!

But I already called time out.  So you’re still it. Haha!  Catch me if you can!

Nanny nanny boo boo! You can’t catch me!

You missed me big mamma! Try again!!!

See if you can catch me now!

Ooooohhhhhh #@$&^!!!!!!!


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