LAX…lacrosse not the airport

Let’s talk lax.  My mommy started playing lacrosse when she was in high school.  Then she played lacrosse in college.  So it was natural for her to eventually become Coach Jenny.

You know what?  She’s good!  She was high school coach of the year twice.

She doesn’t have time to be a full time high school girls lacrosse coach anymore but she still coaches league games on the weekends.  I’m her assistant coach.  I get to spend the whole day outside with mommy.  This is why I LOVE the weekends!

Some of my responsibilities include cheering on the girls from the sidelines, being the unofficial mascot for the team, chasing lacrosse balls during practice, moving cones around, and pulling bags and lacrosse sticks to wherever I want them to be.  So I guess you can add equipment manager to my resume as well.

During practice, I usually have a huge fenced in field to explore but I always stay close to mommy.  Other times, I’m on a tie out somewhere close by.  I definitely have to be on a leash during games.  Referees aren’t happy if someone runs onto the field to ruin a game.  One of the parents supervises me as I watch the action and cheer for mommy’s team.

I’m making the drill more challenging. Must move the cone over here.

Everything looks good.  This is a regulation stick.

Mommy! Where are you going? I can help carry bags to the car too. Just don’t leave me alone in this big field all by myself.

I’m chillaxin’ in the crisp autumn air. It’s a good game! Go mommy’s team, go!

Come on team!  You can do it!  Hustle hustle hustle!

Oh no!  The opposing team sent over some leaves to distract me.  Must focus and help mommy coach!

By the time we return home from a long day of lacrosse, I’m pooped out!  All I want to do is sleep.  I don’t even wake up for food!  That’s how exhausted I am.  I know, crazy right?

I closed my eyes and didn’t open them again until it was time to go to sleep for the night.

You can shake me all you want and I still won’t wake up.  Yes, that’s dirt on my nose and under my nails.  Digging?  Me?  Never! 😉

In case you were wondering, I’m not the first lacrosse dog extraordinaire in this household.  Mikey and Tiger (aka my brothers from another mother), were the first to don the gear.  These pictures were taken back in 2004.  I know they’re in heaven laughing at how gullible they were back then.  I can’t believe they did whatever Aunt Kwyn asked of them, just for a Scooby snack.  Check them out!  Until next time. ~ Luke

July 2004
Tiger is on the left. Mikey is on the right. They don’t look too happy wearing girly goggles. But they’re such good sports!

Why so sad? They look like they’re in time out.  I’ll probably look the same way when mommy puts goggles on me too.


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