Election Day

Today is election day in the United States.  I don’t like poly ticks.  They spread Lyme Disease.  Get it?  Politics…poly ticks?  I crack myself up! 🙂

All right you guys, we need to come to a consensus on who to vote for as our President and Vice President. Scooby Doo and Snoopy…or Lassie and Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

All the political ads on television and radio put me to sleep.  I can think of so many ways money spent for those ads could be used for animal and humanitarian causes.  One can dream.

How will I fall asleep now that election ads aren’t on television every 30 seconds?

Seriously speaking, I do think it’s important to vote so everyone stop reading this blog and go vote!  Actually, go stand in line to vote and read this blog on your smartphone while you wait. 😉

Sometimes it’s an easy decision.  Other times it’s a little more difficult.  Here’s my recommendation.  When it’s a hard decision to make, do what I do… chew on a stick.  The answer always comes to me while chewing on a stick.  ~ Luke

I have a goofy looking face when I think. How should I vote for dinner? Ground turkey or ground chicken? Which candidate will make my tummy happiest? 🙂


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