A hurricane’s a comin’!

Hi everybody!

Today’s blog will be short because the Mid-Atlantic region and Eastern Seaboard of the United States is bracing for the Frankenstorm (Hurricane Sandy).  We are expecting high winds, downed trees, no electricity and possible flooding in the Washington D.C. area.  I hope it’s bark is worst than it’s bite.  So everyone on the east coast, be safe!

Just to keep things light…

Everyone run to the nearest grocery store and buy milk, bread and toilet paper!  Hurry!!  Go and buy it anyway even if you don’t need it!  When you arrive to said grocery store, fight through a log jam of cars in the parking lot, get pushed around and trampled in the herd of people, look at the shelves and sigh in disappointment.  Shelves have been emptied since Friday!

We’re not going to let a little hurricane dampen the mood.  Today is a very special day.  I’d like to wish my friend Danny a happy 1st birthday!!!!!!  He’s a trouble maker just like me so I’m sure he will spend his birthday getting into hijinks and looking all cute doing it.  Danny is a rescue kitty.  He’s got a long extensive story too.  Maybe he will blog about it one day (hint hint).  I hope you have a wonderful day bud!

As for me, I spent a wonderful autumn weekend at MOG’s house.  There were so many leaves on the ground, I didn’t know which ones to fetch.  Here’s a collage of me chillin’ in the fall foliage.  As usual, I had tons of fun being outside and chewing on sticks.

You’ll have to pardon me for ending this blog on a teaser but  I need to go dig up some dirt in case we need to fill up sand bags.  Until next time! ~ Luke


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