Play date with Lita

Hello everyone!

I had so much fun yesterday!  I visited my great grandma and my cousin Lita.  My great grandma is 92 years old.  That’s a lot in dog years.  Great grandma thinks I’m cute.  It’s too bad she is unable to bend down and play with me so I was gentle with her.  I didn’t jump on her at all.

As soon as we got out of the car, I wanted to run inside the house.  Lita was in the basement so she didn’t hear me.  She came upstairs when Aunt Kwyn called her name.  I brought over my new bag of Organix Chicken Cookies to share with her.  At first Lita didn’t want my healthy snack so I ate mine and hers.  After a few times spitting them out, she ate one…then two…then three…and all of the sudden ate more treats than me.  I am happy to report that Lita loves them as much as I do!

We did the normal stuff.  She chased me around the house and I hid under the tables and chairs.  I confess to initiating the chase a few times by jumping on her.  It’s all horse play.

Lita is patiently waiting for a Scooby snack while I’m catching my breath.  We just finished our first game of chase the puppy around the house.

How come Lita gets to eat more treats than me? It’s not fair that she’s bigger. This should be an equal opportunity treat receiving household.  Don’t discriminate!

We played chase the puppy until I was pooped out.  Aunt Kwyn gave us a fresh bowl of water and Lita was very nice.  She let me drink first even though she was parched.  Then Aunt Kwyn took us both for a walk at the same time (she’s brave).  We walked around the block and I saw the next door neighbor’s little children.  They asked their mom if Lita had a baby.  Haha!  Lita was not amused. 😉  When we came back inside, I played with Lita’s toy spider while she was gulping down water without me.  How rude!

Aw shucks!  Lita already de-squeaked the spider.  Good thing I found this shoelace wrapped around it. This will keep me occupied for oh…30 seconds.

Lita has plenty of time to drink water without me so she better hurry up!

Great grandma came out of her room to eat so both Lita and I were curious what she was eating.  We were hoping she would drop something on the floor so we could get it.  Darn!  Nothing.  Since I couldn’t get table scraps, it was time to initiate another round of chase the puppy.

I’m acting all crazy and trying to rile up Lita.  So far, she’s not taking the bait.  This is my one-eyed Lukie look with my tongue sticking out.

Boy, it’s not working.  Let me think. How do I get you to play with me?  I know!

I’ll do the submissive thing.  Come here Lita.  Here Lita Lita Lita…

That’s right.  It’s working.  You know you want to play…

I can feel it!  You’re ready to chase me.  Ready and go!

Whew!  She almost got me!  Good thing I ran up the stairs.  Lita can’t tag me if I’m on base.  Haha!

Shortly after the picture of me on the stairs was taken, great grandma called Aunt Kwyn into her room for the millionth time.  It was just enough unsupervised time for me to get into a little hijinks.  I dug into the potted plant and spread dirt all over the living room carpet.  Oh boy, Aunt Kwyn was upset at me!  She called me Lucas.  I knew I was in BIG trouble!

I didn’t mean to cause a mess.  I swear!  I only wanted to dig and maybe eat a little dirt.

I’m so sorry.  I just couldn’t help myself.  Temptation was right there within eye level.  Sigh.

Aunt Kwyn said she would come back another day with the carpet shampoo machine to clean up my mess.  I will tag along and assist her.  I promise to be a good boy next time!

~ Luke


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  1. Wow luke!….your adventures top my weekly activities. Trust me and I stay pretty busy through the week. Awesome pictures by the way. Your aunt is really great to participate with you on a daily basis.

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