Must love water


I’m feeling so energized today!!!!!  It’s as if I slept all of yesterday to recharge my batteries.  Wait a sec, I did sleep through Monday!  Since I pretended to be Rip Van Winkle, I’m really feisty and all I want to do is play today.

I’ve been playing with my toys all morning but I really want to go for a long walk around the neighborhood so I can sniff scents and follow trails…the beagle part of me.  Then retrieve all the pine cones that have fallen onto the ground…the lab part of me.

Yesterday, the only times I woke up were to go for a walk and eat.  Most of the time, I was sleeping under the couch.  Every once in a while I would surface and hop onto the couch.

My eyes may look opened but I’m really sleeping.

You bother me!  For the love of Pete! A little privacy please?!  I’m sleeping here!

All because I’m resting my eyes, it doesn’t mean I don’t like eating.  I’m sleeping close to the kitchen in case food falls on the floor.

While I was taking my siesta yesterday, I had a thought.  I decided to change the appearance of my blog page to a beach theme as an encouragement and motivation to LOVE water.  It’s a little embarrassing to admit this but I’m afraid of H2O.  Maybe it’s the beagle side of me coming out but as far as everyone is concerned, I have the traits of a labrador.  I have webbed paws for goodness sake!  They’re designed for swimming.

As far as baths are concerned, NO DOG likes getting a bath (it’s in our Union agreement) so it’s okay for me to want to jump out of the bathtub while slathered up in soap.  Right?  At the mention of bath time, I roll on my back to prevent being carried into the tub.  So far, this strategy hasn’t quite worked out. 😦

Bath time is one thing but rain is another thing.  I don’t like rain!  It’s cold water.  At least my bath water is warm.  I love going for walks but the rain ruins it.  If it’s raining, I’ll run back inside without taking care of business.

I’ve left mommy and Aunt Kwyn standing in the rain sooo many times.  I try not to laugh at them but they look absolutely silly standing out there in a raincoat and galoshes.  It’s fine by me if you guys want to get wet but I’ll be in the house where it’s nice and dry.  Don’t worry peeps!  I’ve never made an oopsie inside the house because I didn’t take care of business while it’s raining out.

I’m absolutely not a fan of torrential downpours where I’m soaked within 10 seconds of being outside.  Every time this has happened, I try to jump on whoever is walking me (to be held and protected), as if they will shield me from the water.

However, there is a silver lining to these dark and wet storm clouds.  When I’m playing outside, I find the biggest puddle of water to run across.  So I guess I don’t mind water when I’m playing.  Maybe before it gets too cold outside, we’ll test out this theory on a warm autumn day by the stream, lake or beach.  I’ll definitely keep you posted.  Until next time!



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