Lost and found


I had an interesting afternoon yesterday shortly after I published my blog.  Aunt Lynn (it’s really grandma but she doesn’t like to be called that) had a handyman stop by to give an estimate on all the stuff that needs to be repaired around the house.  Let the record show that these were pre-existing before I lived here.  I DID NOT DO ANY DAMAGE TO THE HOUSE.

Anyhoo, one of the things that needs to be fixed is the back door.  Aunt Lynn says the handyman must have opened it so he could check it out.  Somehow I slipped through and no one knew I was missing!!!!!  Aunt Kwyn was in her office wondering why I was so quiet.  She thought I was a really good boy, quietly following Aunt Lynn and the handyman around the house.  Boy was she wrong!

Luckily, the blinds in the office happened to be pulled up and the window was opened because I spent the morning looking outside.  Aunt Kwyn heard a little clinky noise and it sounded like a dog tag.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a little black dog prancing across the front yard.  She did a double take and looked again.

It was me!!!!!  I was heading straight to the front door.  She ran to the door and I was already there, waiting for her to open it.  I’m pretty sure I would’ve barked if no one opened the door.  Aunt Kwyn almost had a heart attack.  Don’t worry.  I’m okay.  I’m safe.

She doesn’t know where I went or what hijinks I may have gotten into but Aunt Kwyn estimates that I was outside alone for 10-15 minutes.  I know what I did out there but I’m not telling anyone.  😛  When I came inside the house, the first thing I did was jump on Aunt Kwyn.  I missed her soooo much!  I gave her kisses all over and she squeezed me tight until my eyeballs popped.  Then I went straight to the water bowel and drank it until there was nothing left.  Afterward, I fell asleep.

Aunt Kwyn thinks that I ran around our yard and the surrounding property, retrieving nick nacks, having a grand ole time until I was pooped out and ready to come back in.  Uncle Luu was all upset when he came home and heard what happened.  He picked me up and hugged me.  He told me never to run away ever again.

I’m really a codependent dog.  I don’t like being alone inside or outside so there was no risk of me running away forever.  However, I scared Aunt Kwyn because there’s a road behind our house by the middle school and cars speed down there.

This goes to show you have to watch me ALL THE TIME!  Anyone notice a common theme developing?  Something tells me I’m going to be microchipped. 😮 ~ Luke


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    • It is a scary world out there! I was going for a walk this morning and the trash truck came. It scared me silly! I’m usually in the house when it comes by so I hide under the chair. There was no place to hide outside!

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