You gotta have friends

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share some of my friends with you.  I’ve been quarantined from dogs I don’t know because I haven’t received all my shots yet.  So I’ve been hanging out with friends and family.

I’m going to have a lot more friends after I get my rabies shot next week.  Since I’m a social butterfly, my schedule will be booked with lots and lots of play dates very soon!

These are my friends from Josh’s parents house.  They have a menagerie of animals there.  I know how to say their names but I don’t know how to spell their names.  What can I say, I’m only 4 months old.

August 26, 2012
I am mesmerized by the peacock.

August 26, 2012
Ailly (sp?) isn’t sure why I’m staring intently outside.

September 9, 2012
This is one of the kitties who will actually come up to me. All the other ones hiss at me. They scare me so I run away from them.

September 9, 2012
Nanuk (sp?) and I chillin’ in the shade. He’s leashed. I’m not. Haha!

September 9, 2012
The three of us having a pow wow.

September 9, 2012
Here chicky chicky chicky…

This is my cousin Lita.  We went to Pearmund Cellars when I was just a wee lad.  It’s the first vineyard I’ve ever visited.  People ate me up!  And I ate all the stuff they dropped onto the ground.  Everyone thought Lita was my mommy.

August 19, 2012
Lita and I are having a picnic at Pearmund Cellars. It’s so pretty!

This is our view of the vineyard.

October 8, 2012
Are we friends?  I’m still a little small to play with Lita.  I hide under the table when she plays too rough.

October 8, 2012
I’m nervous because Lita spent the last 15 minutes chasing me.  I’m good at hiding!

We’re tired from all that running around!

My friend Danny came by to spend the night.  He was 10 months old when we met.  So he’s a kitten.  I was his first exposure to a dog so he was a little nervous.  We didn’t get a chance to take a picture together.  By the next morning, Danny was more at ease as he explored the upstairs loft while Aunt Kwyn put me on a leash in case I got too rough.

August 18, 2012
Danny didn’t sleep the entire night.

Mommy took me to a baby shower she threw for her friend Isabel.  There were so many people there and they all loved me.  The best thing was there were two babies there!  I was very gentle with them.  Let’s be frank, I was a sweetheart.

September 8, 2012
What is this strange smell?!  Somebody needs her diaper changed!

September 8, 2012
Dude! I love your mohawk! Those are Lita’s legs in the background. She was a sweetie pie too.

Last but not least.  I’d like to introduce you to my frenemy, Angry Bird.  We shall meet, high noon.  Bring your weapon.

September 3, 2012
Stare down! Who will flinch first?!

Until we meet again for the first time! ~ Luke


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