Sports talk

Hey ya’ll!  The Washington Nationals play their first post season game at home this afternoon.  They’re playing against the St. Louis Cardinals who are the defending World Series Champs.  So far the series is tied 1-1.  Go Nats!  Unfortunately, I do not have their jersey nor will I purchase one.  I’m a casual fan and I’ll cheer for them.  However I will not ride the Natitude bandwagon.

I also root for the Baltimore Orioles.  No Orioles jersey for me either.  The Trans used to live in Maryland so the O’s were their team since the beginning of time.  The O’s haven’t been in the postseason since 1997 so this is exciting.  They play the dreaded New York Yankees this evening.  This series is also tied 1-1.

This household cheers for the Washington Redskins.  I know.  I know.  I’ll suffer from years and years of heartache and disappointment but I love them Hogs.  If RGIII can protect his noggin a little better and fully heal from his concussion, maybe we’ll be respectable this season.

Hail to the Reskins. Hail victory. Braves on the war path. Fight for old DC.

September 7, 2012
I’m Number 00.  My jersey was too big on me during preseason.

October 5, 2012
I’ve got some muscles now so it fits perfectly!

Speaking of heartache and disappointment, there’s no NHL hockey this season!  The owners have locked out the players until they agree on a new labor contract.  Blah blah blah.  Get on with it all ready!

I ROCK THE RED!  I Love the Washington Capitals.  They need to hurry up and start playing soon because I will outgrow my jersey…and this is the biggest size they have.

September 13, 2012
I was hopeful the players and owners would come to a labor agreement before the season started.

I’m still waiting…

…and waiting

Don’t ask me about the Washington Wizards.  Blah!  At least they got rid of that ugly blue and gold wizard logo and changed their colors back to red, white and blue.

The Nationals game is about to begin.  I must rummage the fridge for some doggie beer and pupcorn, then turn on the telly.

Let’s not kid around here.  I don’t eat this stuff.  I’ll be noshing on some Stella and Chewy’s dehydrated beef patties.  Until next time.

~ Luke


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